Top Web Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2018


The saying “Change is the only constant” seems to be industry-defining In web development. Web development is changing every second and is developing at high-speed and 2018 will be no different. And Website Development Services are trying best to meet all user expectations, there is a Content needs to be accessible everywhere in real-time as well as on mobile devices to build digital experiences.


Keep up with what is happening, read these trends and follow in your website development, and stay ahead in the fast-evolving world.

1. Machine Learning & Chatbots On The Rise:

Being connected to users is more important. Chatbots, permit a website to be contacted daily and at any time, without having to maintain a customer service department, its a written or oral conversation software. chatbots can redirect customers to information or web pages, answer the most common questions, and even help them complete a transaction. Its evolution has given new capabilities.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and chatbots would continue to rise in 2018.

Many social media platforms, apps, e-commerce sites and other business websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc., have already invested in chatbots. With the chatbots, professional website development Services can recolonize the interactions between businesses and customers.



2. Voice User-Interface For Increasing Voice Searches:

Voice User-Interface simplifies the customer experience online. With voice assistants like Cortana, Siri, Alexa, and Google have really simplified the customer experience. For 2018, The rise of voice user interface on websites is on the cards.

To cash out the increasing inclination of people towards the technology-driven voice assistants, Websites with voice user-interface would be on the rise.



3. Progressive Web Apps:

This web Apps applications take advantage of the features of an internet browser, with a mobile application interface is the progressive web apps.

progressive web applications have many advantages, such as good reliability, ability to work offline, ability to receive notifications, and can be designed faster than mobile applications, and are generally easier to deploy and maintain and work for all users and is good for both the web developer and the user.



4. Adoption Of The Blockchain Technology:

The Blockchain Technology is a method of collective data storage, in this thousands of computers around the world is used to store all information rather than in one place. Initially, it was developed for the digital currency, Bitcoin.

Web developers would leverage the power of this technology and implement it in websites.

Many organizations and Various banks, would be seen implementing blockchain technology on their website for safer transactions and for data storage.



5. Motion UI:

smooth animation is the most attractive staff on the website and is definitely one of web design trends which are gaining popularity of 2018. Interfaces allow you to use animations or transitions.

This technology gives keyword developer a lot of options for building an attractive website.


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