SEO Myths Skipped for 2015 Marketing Strategy


Having top position in search engine with right SEO marketing tactics. Web world, having few SEO Myths related to industry. Must avoid these myths for 2015. Available tactics from black hat marketer will destroy your online presence. Here is few myths are as follows.

False Fact #1: Followed every step of SEO Means we are good

Current SEO marketer believes that we have implemented all good strategy for the website. Means we have finished with On- Page and Off- Page activity, then Our SEO Process over. It is on going regular, updated and evaluated for continuous period. Always best strategy will win and grant an ownership of top position for a temporary period. Adopt a Changes in algorithms will continuous process.

False Fact #2: SEO is dying or Loosing it's magic.

Previous 2 years back SEO is the preferred method of the online marketer. Nowadays everywhere myths are spreading that SEO is dead or It's loosing important. Standard SEO still alive, Quality work like link building, proper selection of a keyword, Added quality content throughout website still work. Google follows your website many SEO points and provide ranking for as per performance.

Regular to alter or changes in the google algorithm program. The foundations of search engine optimization are read, analyze and implement those changes. Early days of Google world are ranking is provided just implement of the keyword. Multiple changes in algorithm program recent years force marketer to implement to stay on top of the search result. Keyword still counts, but kept as per standard provided by google means website content must have those keyword, Density must be maintained with natural placement.

False Fact #3: Guranteed Top Position or 1# in Google

If You are getting “guarantee” for a Top 1 position means beware. Nobody will promise about #1 position. If you are getting this with politeness convey them for his or her time and so run within the alternative direction. Reason either they make promises based on black hat techniques or they have not enough knowledge of SEO. As a Per google statement avoids those SEO's claims to ensure rankings. Guaranteed positions are not also available in PPC Service even after paid means you have to, must pass a quality score for top position.

False Fact #4: SEO done by any executive who is desktop friendly

Yes firms or Web site owners believe that SEO can be done by and computer friendly staff. Technical knowledge of website development not enough for SEO world. Both fields are different and require cross thinking about a website. It is done only when the technical guy stay updated or brush up SEO skill on regular period. Internet friendly with art of search will provide extensive success in the field.

False Fact #5: SEO Field without Magic or No Instant Result

It is Magicless field means Hard work best strategy only wins. If projects are hand over any SEO professionals start of the week and result expectation are end of current week No Instant Result is available in SEO world. A perfect SEO strategy will take time for implementing or result appearance will also take standard time. Month wise improvement can be seen from the client side. SEO is a field of techniques and quick adopt or skip working & non-working tactics. The client must see the techniques of SEO professionals.

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