SEO in 2014: Planning for the Street Ahead

It’s been a very tough season, with Google creating many major changes to their algorithms that had internet promoters pulling. Given the route Google is heading towards, and the speed at which their methods are modifying, we’re expecting another tough season ahead. The following year guarantees to be just as strong, if not more and it’s essential to get ready for what Google has in store to make sure ongoing achievements in internet promotion.


The battle for Great quality Continues

The changes that Google made in 2013 were revolving around improving quality overall and applying conventional promotion concepts to digital. The concentration has moved from the technological factors of an internet advertising campaign to the standard, perspective, and message you are delivering out to the internet. To promoters, it may seem like Google is shrinking a noose around your neck, but to the users, this means greater quality, more appropriate search results.

Keeping a record of these changes shows you the route Google is taking, and enables you to get ready for future up-dates. The following components are some of the features you need to concentrate on in planning for Google up-dates next season.


Content Growth and Marketing

The Trend: More Details, More Profundity, Better Context

Content has taken the driving seat in the last several decades, modifying SEO from being a specifically technological, tight formula to a more liquid and customized promotion activity. The guidelines have been moving in the last several decades as Google realized out how to best enhance the SERPs they provided by reading and understanding the material.

Content promotion will achieve its maturity in 2014; with solid requirements being established by Google as they keep enhance their methods. The Panda and Penguin up-dates they released this season have set promoters on the road to providing better material quality and applying approved material promotion methods. The release of Hummingbird factors to Google’s ongoing route towards material quality, and its development alerts the adulthood of their material promotion recommendations. Because Hummingbird concentrates more on in-depth discourses and on perspective, you need to make your material more detailed, more useful, and more appropriate than ever before.

Action: Upgrade Your Content Marketing Strategy

  • Provide clean web page material consistently. This could come in the form of creating a new web page weblog (if you don’t have one already), upgrading your current products / services webpage’s and adding appropriate inner webpage’s with case research and new details.
  • Boosting your on the internet power takes more than applying authorship. Developing connections with other on the internet influencers and being effective in discussions that display your authority in your niche offer you with material that you can web link your website back to while establishing your power and developing the believe in of your viewers.
  • Take a conventional posting strategy to your promotion – see if you can promote the weblogs and websites of different on the internet marketers and high-authority websites. Do this with caution, though – Google has included doubtful visitor blogging methods in their web link plan explanations (more on that later).
  • Increase your public alerts by being effective in your public networking qualities. Discuss appropriate industry up-dates, focus on your on the internet guides and company actions, and communicate with your system consistently to make sure your public alerts remain strong.


SEO and Compensated Ad Campaigns

The Trend: Shifting from SEO to PPC

The constant loss of look for recommendation information was a big blow for many promoters and internet promoters this season. New resources had to be found, including paid third-party statistics providers. Google, however, still makes the secured details from protected look for available through AdWords, readable only if you have running strategies with them. This is causing businesses to move the larger part of their budget allowance from SEO to PPC.

Action: Stunning a Balance between SEO and PPC

PPC should not be considered a replacement for SEO – the two strategies are entirely different, and they can be used to help each other out. The following actions are therefore appropriate:

  • Diversify your knowledge in different paid ad strategies. Retargeting and advertising ad strategies are growing as preferred promotion resources.
  • Find and utilize alternative resources of look for information. Site look for is the best starting point. Add and enhance your website look for performance, and monitor the outcomes from it. This helps enhance the details lost from protected look for without creating your SEO too dependent on PPC.
  • Focus on the material and perspective you present in SEO instead of specific keywords for your strategies. Remember that Hummingbird will not be as keyword-focused as the previous methods Google has developed – it will be concentrating on perspective.


Link Building

The Trend: Full Stop on Spam

This is not something new – Google has been doing this for decades. They are, however, becoming very good at this, and the bar keeps going greater and greater when it comes to acceptable hyperlinks and connecting methods. Expect Google to enhance their Penguin criteria even more next season, the less obvious web link plan tactics like cloaked paid advertorials and private weblog systems will keep be objectives.

Action: Link Review and Relationship Building

  • Run a web link audit on your web page to see if you have any hyperlinks that breach Google’s recommendations. Note the ones that are on the borderline of their explanations as well – you will want to decide what to do with them in a bit. Have the hyperlinks personally removed by calling the website owners and, after comprehensive initiatives, using Google’s Disavow tool.
  • Take a conventional PR strategy to your link-building initiatives. Connect to high-authority marketers, response their questions, and offer assistance whenever you can. Building connections provides you with an opportunity later on to be approved when you offer to promote their websites.
  • Limit your distribution for book to a reasonable number. Pay attention to the standard of the material you want to have published. Make sure it follows the voice and the topic of the web page you want to be presented in.


Social Media

The Trends: Increasing Social Impact, and Activity towards Visible Media

The influence of public in look for and internet promotion has been growing continuously over the last few decades, especially since the release of Google+ this year. Social will keep increase its influence in 2014. The connection between public alerts and greater positions is expected to improve next season, as public presence becomes a determining believe in factor.

Another pattern that is happening in public networking is the movement of your focus on market to visual public networking. Sites like Pinterest, Grape vine, and Instagram are growing in influence. Pictures, podcasts and video clips are becoming rich resources of hyperlinks for your web page.

Action: Serious Social Press Strategy

  • Create a on the internet promotion technique that includes public in all factors of your promotion – from direct e-mails and updates, to your web they, to your weblogs and other on the internet qualities.
  • If you are not using visual public networking yet, or if you have qualities in these websites but you have not been being attentive, it’s time to enhance. Create and share clean, useful video clips, in-depth infographics, and appropriate images that have the potential to go popular.
  • Be more effective in Google+ in the arriving season. Concentrate on the proper execution of Google Authorship and on the nature of obtaining +1s. While Google has continuously said +1s do not have an effect on SERPs, research has shown they are still associated to each other.
  • Learn how to use public networking statistics programs. The biggest public media websites are now providing in-house statistics resources that provide you ideas to your viewers in each system. This will be useful for developing your strategies.


Local and Mobile Marketing

The Trend: Viewers are going Multi-Screen

Technology is changing at a fast speed, and with it, look for is changing as well. Viewers are moving to mobile, using multiple displays and systems. Whereas earlier it was okay to position on the SERPs for pc, now you have to position for pc, pills, mobile phones, and cell phones. In order to achieve your mobile viewers, you need to concentrate on two things: mobile optimization and regional SEO.

Action: Optimize for Mobile

  • Optimize your web style for mobile. If you are not using sensitive web style, make sure that you have separate HTML designs for pc and mobile. Test all features to make sure that the mobile websites work on all systems and gadgets.
  • Build your regional exposure by obtaining hyperlinks from regional websites, supporting regional actions and growing your system by reaching out to regional influencers.
  • Improve your running speed by removing all needless components of your web style and improving all types of media, whether it’s an image, a video, or an audio file. This is essential for Google and for your viewers, especially if they are using cellular phones to visit your website.


Conclusion: SEO is less Technical, More Strategic

The guidelines of SEO are modifying, and it is bound to change even more when Google releases its next round of up-dates in the arriving season. The route look for is going factors promoters to being less passionate about the technological factors of SEO, and to being more ideal about your internet promotion plans. Concentrating your time and effort on these key components and maintaining yourself modified throughout the season will help you maintain your achievements in internet promotion in 2014.

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