Periodic Updates in Google Algorithm & its effects


So what is your main source of traffic, of course, it is Google. Ranking high without doing SEO activities not possible. Following & updated SEO steps with google latest algorithms necessary for every SEO consultant.

Google updates name quite funny and interesting. It is based on animals and functions & effects.

Generally many of the updates we don’t aware when it is updated from google side. Identifying about website get affected from update & algorithms, not an easy task. Right source of information to tackle the problem and stand for google organic listing race.

Here is few major updates information to understand better which affects your websites. Source Search engine land, MOZ etc

Algorithm updates 2016:- Panda / Low-Quality Content and Penguin / Low-Quality Backlink. Google update rolled out 500 - 600 times major or minor changes to search engine results. Frequent updates in the major algorithm are regular job performed for better user experience and get exact what google user is looking for it.

Search marketers and SEO geeks keeping eyes on all major changes performed relates to algorithms. Ranking fluctuation and organic traffic are the major areas to cross check website performance are worst or better after any new update changes. Know more how these updates affect SEO world is integral. Most notable algorithms changes impact on Google Search results.

Begin or birth of panda 2011 / farmer update it is affected around 12% of search results. It is based on content farms, thin content, website has high ad basis content ratios. Another update came into existence in 2011 freshness update affected near about 35% search results and more focused on new fresh / recent trending content on google web.

Another / Next Year 2012 start to google display Google+ Profile + Authors pictures and Social statistics for better results to display with these changes google users are more focused followed the topic and find easily what they want. User basis changes help the user to find interest based topics easy manner. Next month list of 40 updates is coming into limelight it is called Venice. It is impacted on local results and it’s given new explorer local results and opportunity.

Next bigger update in the same year is Penguin. All over optimized website affected and past beneficial black hat techniques get prohibited from google + Paid link exchanges program considered unethical practice from webmasters. New features for brands is knowledge Graph at the right side is helpful for local and popular brands information, the point of contact, trust reviews. At last in 2012 is EMD (Exact Match Domain). It is the target low-quality website which has an exact domain like a key phrase.

New Era of 2013 begins with In depth articles similar to local packs and news results the google feature is a rich SERP Results. Next hummingbird update improves to search engine’ capacity to sort results based on user search terms with an emphasis on high-quality content. It is helped google identified full questions with conversational searches.

2014 Pigeon a shocked new changes for local business. It helps search engine interpreted managed local cues. It is big ties between local and core algorithms. Secure HTTPS update is for trustworthy on domains like e-commerce, portals etc. Implemented in 2012 and removed 2013 is Authorship mark from search results. It is drawback update from google.

Next New Year 2015 Major updates came into existence, Unnamed E-commerce update, Mobliegeddon (Mobile User), Quality Focused update, Last in the list of 2015 understand ranking Rankbrain. It contributes to the results of a search query. The quality update is phantom 2 tweaks proved to be disastrous for most web pages. The biggest update in 2015 is Mobliegeddon mobile friendliness become a key driving for factor in ranking websites. The start of the year with a surprise for e-commerce industry major brands reported flux in ranking but it is not reported as an official update from google.

Again 2016 Core Changes and update in algorithms. It might be considered as a penguin related change + several search metrics tools reported massive movements in search ranking. It is final update from 2016 and many rolled came in between of 2016. It is the continuous process  to be followed from google to serve user better and accurate results any kind of search.

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