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The end of the season is around the area, and some professionals state that the most important topic of the season for the group of web makers is “flat design”. A few decades ago, the style relevant blogosphere began posting the end/beginning of the season forecasts about the new styles being accepted by developers. Voluntarily or not, the developers are affected by popular concepts and there is a sign of it in their works. Two decades ago, skeuomorphic components were a must for any web page, and it seemed that the Online was the world of glow, shiny and 3D products.  However, the customers became exhausted and this scenario and web developers have began moving over from this route and selecting an absolutely different idea – the convenience of smooth style. These days everyone who wants a stylish web page should follow flatness! The particular functions of smooth style are: the deficiency of any 3D factor (the phrase “flat” is self-explanatory in this situation) and that emphasize on content and typography. The shades are genuine, there is no slope, and many smooth sites contain round forms.

The styles will certainly come and go. What really issues is to have better and better sites. Despite these moving impacts, it’s awesome that the objective of a web page continues to be the same even from the beginning age groups of the Online – discussing the information. The brand new strategy regarding the methods of creating a web page tailored to any display dimensions, known as by developer’s sensitive style, did not change this purpose; therefore we are validated to believe that it will not be modified in the long run as well.

The websites’ objective continues to be the same even if the style templates are merely modifying. Under these conditions, it is regular for developers to try to develop awesome sites – the ones that are not at chance of becoming out-of-date regardless of the styles. Unfortunately, the Online is changing very fast and it instantly identified a style progress. A web page designed ten decades ago that was regarded awesome is absolutely ignored nowadays, since nobody will pay interest to it. The thing is that a web page should not become unfashionable and useless in a season or two. Regarding these figures, it seems that some sites may have quite a short life expectancy, but one should not see this in common, since it is only an approximation. Simultaneously, one should know that it’s okay to assess the value of a style by how long it will last among the choices of customers.

Across time we tried to recognize a wonderful mixture for our sites in order to “survive” longer. We are still looking for the finish remedy of a awesome web page but we have handled to gather some clues that may perform us to the “final victory” and here we existing them to you. A fresh framework seems to provide the best remedy for an awesome web page. Something like this guarantees an ideal stability between complexness and minimalism and it is the primary reason of its achievements. Obviously, this in-between remedy seems to be always easy for a method web developer, but the truth is different. A fresh web page is incredibly hard to recognize. The overall picture is to guarantee the most ideal rate of items: an over complex framework is a common error of a starter – one will add everything to persuade the customers that he / she has proved helpful a lot. A too simple framework does not have the functionality and it could get quite annoying for customers. We provide you our viewpoint regarding the fresh style but we are also awaiting your own concepts about this issue. It will be awesome to listen to from you, so please use the opinion area to discuss with us your thoughts about web page cleanliness!

Usually, when beginning a new framework, it’s strongly suggested to concentrate on four elements: forms, pictures, typography and shades. We will provide a lot of illustrations of this design here to make simpler your work.

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