What is PBNs(Private Blog Networks) ? Do PBNs Still Work in 2021?

You've probably heard about PBNs(Private Blog Networks) if you use SEO to market your website. The concept isn't difficult to grasp (though it is tough to put into reality), but you may feel conflicted due to the abundance of information available.

What is PBNs (Private Blog Networks)?
A private blog network (PBN) is a collection of domains owned by you or another person. A PBN can be made up of free blogs such as wordpress.com, tumblr.com, and livejournal.com. Free blog domains usually don't have as much power as self-hosted blogs.
For the purposes of this discussion, we'll look at self-hosted, non-free blog platforms.

A PBN is often made up of expired domains. An expired domain is one that was formerly owned and contained content — the website was active and the webmaster was responsible for it. In truth, the webmaster most likely constructed a pleasant website that attracted visitors and prompted other websites to connect to the domain. Great!
PBNs are, in fact, nothing more than Web 2.0s on steroids. Rather than using subdomains from WordPress.com and Blogger, you leverage expired domains with built-in authority. You can construct a good asset if you buy suitable expired domains and build the network effectively.

BlackHat SEOs must continually conceal their tracks in order to avoid being caught by Google. What a hard battle... This list of traces might include:

Whois Info: Everyone will know it's a PBN if you have 10 domains that all connect to each other and are all registered publicly under the same name. Most of the time, the details aren't public, and you can pay for Whois protection (which is occasionally free), but I've heard that Google has access to Whois information anyhow.

IP Address & Hosting: If many websites have the same IP address, they're very certainly linked. As a result, shared hosting accounts are risky. If that IP address is used to send spam, you will be added to the list. To solve this, you may buy dedicated IPs for each domain. (This isn't only for PBN sites. This should be done for all of your websites. It contributes to the safety of the situation.)

Name of business and contact information: Some countries legally require you to post this information if you monetize your site in any way (you do, since it’s part of your marketing strategy, so if someone reports you, you risk getting penalized).

Design, Code, Formatting, Content: Many times, people just copy and paste these websites, modifying only the most basic characteristics, such as the colors and logo. The platforms and themes they utilize, on the other hand, are always the same.
Script IDs: If you have many tools that need to be tracked, you'll need individual subscriptions for each one; otherwise, anybody may figure out the link between two sites.
These are the most basic, and they are frequently made public. However, several individuals (including me) think Google is looking at other possibilities:
E-mail accounts: If you use the same e-mail address for everything, especially if it's a Gmail account, you'll wind up tying everything to it. It can be endangered with a single mistake.

Location: Have you used the same e-mail account or operated on all of your PBN sites from home using the same IP? You just told Google that you own them. To keep things clean, you'll need proxies and proxies.

Call me paranoid, but we utilize a lot of Google products, including Chrome, Analytics, MyBusiness, and Gmail. Google owns all of them. Is this to indicate that Google is scanning your e-mail to see whether you have a PBN or are purchasing links? No. But... what if?
Your smartphone is most likely linked to your Gmail account. Because you may connect to the internet from anywhere these days, Google is aware of your position. You and another webmaster show up at the same time, and your websites start connecting to each other 2 hours later? Just saying...
Those are simply assumptions, but consider this: Would you register using the same e-mail address if you didn't want to get caught holding two different hosting accounts? Without a doubt not. I'm not implying that Google is reading your personal e-mails and watching you through your webcam. I'm only pointing out that there's a chance that some form of algorithm exists to track administrative links between websites.

Do PBNs Still Work?
You're probably thinking if PBNs are still viable options. In 2021, how far has Google progressed and how effective is it in catching these schemes?
PBNs still function and will continue to operate as long as backlinks are a ranking component, which is unlikely to alter anytime soon, despite what many people believe after 2014.

This is very dependent on your personality. Do you enjoy taking chances? Do you pay attention to Google's terms of service? Some individuals view Google as an evil corporation that has complete power over the internet and would love to profit from it.
The fact is that fantastic Google websites that consistently rank at the top do not require PBNs.

This is very dependent on your personality. Do you enjoy taking chances? Do you pay attention to Google's terms of service? Some individuals view Google as an evil corporation that has complete power over the internet and would love to profit from it.

Every day, search engines improve their ability to recognize tricks. Why not concentrate on playing fairly and honing the talents that matter the most? Why spend time studying how to conceal when you might be learning how to build better experiences instead?

We'd want to hear about your experiences with private blog networks, regardless of which side you're on. Do you have any experience with them? Have you used a PBN service before? Have you received any repercussions as a result of your actions? Is it still in your possession, and does it work?  Write us your thoughts.


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