Only Good Content Is not Enough for Good SEO

One of the widely accepted misconception - "Make great content, and the rest will deal with itself". Content marketing & SEO are inseparably connected, and it's very genuine that great content is fundamental for SEO—yet to say that "great content" is all you need for "great" SEO or a fruitful SEO campaign is deceiving and inaccurate
The Thought
The thought is right—in principle. Google needs to give the best, most relevant content to its client base, as it's created an algorithm that actually ranks "great" Content higher. Create more content and you'll have more indexable topics that cover a more extensive scope of user queries, and as long as content may be "great," you'll pull in more connections to your site. On the off chance that you don't create any content by any means, you don't stand a possibility of gaining significant SEO progress. If your material is weak or dishonest, you'll also come up short. In any case, how about we accept you're jumping into a technique that produces "great" content frequently—why isn't that enough to build your rankings? 
The Multiple Sides of "Good" 
Initially, you have to comprehend that "great" is a questionable term that really alludes to a wide range of measurements of quality, including: 
Uniqueness. Your content can't resemble whatever else in its field, or it's not going to be in the spotlight. 
Relevance. Content should be focused on and important to one particular audience. 
Excitement. content ought to likewise make them basic amusement or novelty value to it. 
Common sense. Your content should be helpful somehow, or users won't discover value in it. 
These don't cover the full range of what makes great content "great"— there's likewise grammar, voice, punctuation, emotional resonance, and many different components, which we are  skipping completely. 
The Visibility Issue 
How about we accept, for the sake of argument, that your content some way or another meets each conceivable criteria for what's viewed as "great." You have a blog brimming with great content, and you deliver new content frequently. What value does this content have if no one is seeing it? 
On a specialized level, this incorporates guaranteeing Google's bots can identify, index, and legitimately arrange your content. On a more handy level, it's about what number of users know about your work, so they can then read and view it.
As advanced as it may be, Google still depends on the feedback of its users to rank the quality of content—and if those users can't see your work, it will have no information whereupon to judge your content's quality. 
Links & Shares 
Quite a bit of this user's input provided in terms of shares & links, which Google sees as votes that build up a site's (or page's) authority and credibility. On the off chance that you win bunches of connections from high-authority sources, you'll be seen as intrinsically more reliable, and you'll move in organic search rankings. But, winning these connections isn't generally as straightforward as publishing your content and after that crossing your fingers as you wait. Much of the time, you'll need to go out and work for these connections by requesting them directly, promoting and syndicating your content after some time, and conceivably constructing some manual connections too.
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