8 Common Myth About Digital Marketing


As a digital marketer, you must have heard of various myths related to the dos and don't's of web marketing. Many people are unaware of web marketing and the actual truth could affect the success of an online campaign.

Below are some myths that digital marketers come across:-


Myth 1:-SEO is a one Time Process

Many Businesses keeps the certain budget for SEO strategy for 4 months. After that, they don't invest any budget for subsequent quarters. The reason for is that they think it is a one time process by changing the keywords and design of the website. But it is an incorrect plan. Even SEO needs normal maintenance like other things. You need to fix a monthly budget for the normal maintenance of your website.SEO must be renewed regularly to ensure that they are working effectively.


Myth 2:-Updating Content Often Enough

Many digital marketers believe that once the website is built and content is added to the website then they are ready to be visible to search engine. But it's not true. This is just the beginning. A website should have a very good content and content needs to be updated regularly. Fresh content helps in ranking the website higher on search engines and gives a strong positive message to your potential customer about your brand.


Myth 3:-Tracking Results of Digital Marketing is Difficult

With new tools such as Google Analytic and other software, this myth has lost its value. With these tools, Businesses can get detailed information about their website and apply different digital marketing strategies according to it.


Myth 4:-Negative Comments are Bad for Business

Rather than taking negative comments as a hindrance, take it as an opportunity. Online Digital marketers must make use of these negative comments to learn, improve and get other customers to write correct reviews.


Myth 5:-Success Of Digital Marketing is Based on Huge Web Traffic

The success of digital marketing does not depend on whether the website gets a thousand click on a single or each day. Instead, it depends on the quality of clicks the website received. If your business has a user-friendly site, great ads, and personalized content then it has a high chance of converting visitors into potential customers.


Myth 6:-Never avoid any digital marketing strategy just because your competitors are not using it

Many digital marketers make a common mistake that they don't take the necessary steps to get ahead of their competitors. They think that if competitors are not using any digital marketing strategies then why should I use it? That's completely wrong thinking.


Myth 7:-Email Marketing is Dead

The next time you think email marketing is dead, try thinking about the last time you communicated with a business or an organization via email. You get most of your bills by email, bank information by mails, any offers by mail. So its completely false that Email Marketing is dead.


Myth 8:- Digital Marketing is Costly

This is incorrect. Many people think that as digital marketing reach millions of people it would be expensive than traditional marketing. On the contrary, it is cheap as signing up to a social media site is free and brand promotion is much more cost-effective online.





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