There are lots of myths out there about SEO which frightens regular website owners and also SEO services companies. Since search engine optimization process constantly changes, it's important to be updated with the latest techniques because that techniques and work that used to work well in the past may not work or reliable today and facts and should not just move towards the target blindfolded.

Here are some SEO facts and Myths that will surely help you understand SEO better.


1. Myth: every time an Google algorithm update comes, you should make changes to your site as soon as possible


Fact: Search algorithms keep on changing, each search engine continuously works to keep improve its search algorithms. Search engines alter it's search algorithm many hundred times a year, so you only have to worry about major updates.
The smart thing is that you should wait and think before reacting, read reliable sources about the updates, give yourself few days or weeks to make adjustments, an improvement if necessary. There is no perfect search algorithm, if you are doing an search engine optimization strategy correctly you will see improvement in your web traffic keeping in mind the major updates.


2. Myth: If you optimize your website for Google then you need not worry about optimizing your content for other search engines


Fact: Its True that Google comprises many values searches more than 60 % of market share, but other search engines are also important like yahoo,, Bing etc and their share are also steadily improving. Bing classified webs to social cues, click rates, page authority and domain.

Google does not use metrics like Twitter followers, Facebook directly in the search rankings. So if you are optimizing your website only for Google you are not covering for other search engines.


3. Myth: Link-building is a black hat practice.


Fact: If you include links from relevant and credible sources Google rewards your website, you don't have to worry about false belief When you build quality links. The only thing is that you should link your site with adding value and should not Spam or link to unwanted, unrelated content.


4. Myths: Periodically re-submit site to the search engines.


Fact: Resubmission is a waste of time, Once a site is added in a search engine, its good there unless it gets banned or reports to trickery, else there is no reason to keep submitting a site to a search engine.


5. Myth: One Time SEO Campaign is enough for rankings


Fact: One time SEO campaign will help you boost your website ranking but its results will not be long-lasting. Google always rewards better rankings in its search engine to the most popular websites that are promoted on a regular basis. Seo is an ongoing process and it takes a lot of time, SEO results grow over time


6. Myth: No follow Links Are Useless


Fact: No follow links are not useless, the truth is that even no follow links can help you rank better, according to the Google, no follow links are the best for your website as they don't pass Page Rank. So if you are avoiding them, you are doing a huge mistake.


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