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Seo Doctor sounds good, as it gives cure to website and help it to run well, basically SEO work on a strategy of doctor like two phase first on page optimization means doctor looking for internal injury first. As same seo look website coding, design, structure, and many more internal things for make website seo friendly. As a doctor do it many test like blood test, urine test, X-Ray many more thing to find out internal causes.

Just Like doctor ask first us like that question how are you feeling first. Is there are you getting good sleep or not your urinal systems are perfect. Like that Seo Ask website owner that is that your website internal pages working or not.

Seo Questions Like That:-

1) Site on page optimization done or not.

2) All of your pages indexed.

3) Is there your website Seo friendly?

4) Website content copyrighted or not.

5) Do you have blog?

6) If you have blog, do you update you blog regularly or not.

7) Your website comes in which category of website. Example (1) Statics (2) Dynamic (3) CMS.

8) If you have industry based competitors then let me know. like many questions come in the mind of every SEO.

Action Started:

Seo start doing test of the website like doctor with available tools and wait for result comes out after see the result they actually tell the cure for that cause or problem, suggest some tools required stuff in website or changes like doctor he practice start with normal medicine after looking effect is that strategy is working or not? Seo has some same kind of strategy for website.

Seo start there work with test to result like doctor cured to healthy. Website performance day by day tracking like patience day to day recovery. Like doctor SEO knew everything about there field is must necessary any new update about search engine or any change strategy or change trends of industry Like doctor new cure techniques or new tools new medicine effects.

But Don’t’ Mind doctors we are not parallel to you You are life saver of living hood. We are not life saver but we are Making search better for search people. Seo jobs not finished here they have to make generate various performance report for website. After that they have analysis the report by every angle or every small point find out where we can improve our website performances on search engine. Like doctor after recovery of patient they make health chart for diet plan what they want to eat in coming days & analysis this chart may I does anything better chance of improvement in this health chart?

It is just comparing Seo & doctor but both are having different professional challenges & code of conduct work is different in both fields.

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