Why Your Website Not Ranking on Google (and How to Fix it)?

Why Your Website Not Ranking on Google? Read our 7 tips to fix it.

Ranking in Google results is easier said than done. There are a large number of various sites attempting to take your rankings and, sometimes, a considerable lot of those contenders succeed.

Obviously, you don't need them to.

But beating them up isn’t just about publishing content and hoping for the best. The losers are the people who think SEO is just that easy.

Putting in a ton of SEO work and landing on two pages doesn’t even hurt your ego, it hurts your pocketbook.

Unfortunately, the longer the page exists, the more likely it is to be ranked in Google's top ten SERP results.

The average age of the 10th ranking is 650 days.

Perhaps, however, your pages have not existed for two years.

The good news is that there are some main things you can do (and don't do) to help your rankings immediately.

Do you think you've done everything right and yet, you still haven't given a ranking where you should be?

Do not worry.

Here are the top seven things that are killing your rankings:

  1. Duplicate content
  2. Google is not my business page
  3. Ignoring social cues
  4. Failed to create consistent content
  5. Ignoring mobile-friendliness
  6. Your site is not indexed
  7. Slow site speed

So, how do you fix these issues? Here's what you need to know.

Mistake # 1 Ranking: You have duplicate content on your site

Duplicate content used for site killer. It’s not as important as it was before, but it’s still not important.

You don’t want to create content, publish that content, and then you find that your SEO interest is splitting between the original page and the unintentional duplicate page.

This will give both pages a middle-order instead of an exception.

When duplicate content happens, Google tries to find the right page… but they can pick the wrong page.

After that, not only does the juice of the links split between two different pages, but Google accidentally picks the wrong page.

All because you didn't specify for Google's robot.

What do you do if you discover duplicate content on your website?

The best activity is to utilize the rel=canonical tag to tell which page Google should rank and ascribe all SEO juice.

Ranking errors rel canonical tags

Once you make the page canonical, Google will take interest in all SEO from duplicates and attribute it to the original page.

That means there is a much better chance of ranking on your original page.

Mistake # 2 Ranking: You are not using Google My Business

If you have not yet registered my business with Google, you will likely lose some serious potential.

It's a simple and free advance to take that can really help your SEO.

Here's how it works: Google wants the easiest and fastest way to find and deliver relevant results.

Google accomplishes this by choosing My Business Outcome.

Also, having an account tells Google that you care about rankings, that your website is up-to-date, and that you want to cooperate with their systems.

Google likes it and Google prefers businesses that use My Business.

Creating your account is easy. Ultimately, you need to enter more specific business information about what to do, what types of products you sell, and your target audience.

All of that information will help Google quickly and easily put your business into the right SERP, so take a moment to optimize your Google My Business page.

This is an easy way to rank in Google with very little extra time or effort.

Mistake # 3 Ranking: You don't take advantage of social cues

Are you active on social media?

Many businesses have accounts and some even run ads on social media.

Probably not many businesses active with their accounts?

Because, believe it or not, your social media accounts help you determine how you rank in Google.

If you want to maximize your SEO efforts, which you do, you should stay active on social media and keep your information up to date.

Google uses social cues to determine which websites are active, which are static. This tells them which rank should be which.

The good news is, it doesn't have to be complicated.

Have you published a blog article? Post about it on Facebook.

Has something interesting happened at work today? Tweet about it.

Capture a funny picture of an office-hour prank? Post it on Instagram.

The more you post on your social accounts the more your website will rank.

If you feel like you’re doing everything right, but your rankings are still suffering, then social cues may be the answer to your bright SEO future.

You will generate more traffic and thus increase your rankings.

You can do everything, but if you don’t have social cues, the website will beat you.

Mistake # 4 Ranking: You don't create relevant content

Maybe you write and publish a blog post now and then.

You can record and publish videos when the mood strikes.

Unfortunately, “now and then” and “when the mood strikes” aren’t enough to claim your place in the rankings.

Instead, you need to create a solid content marketing calendar and strategy for growth.

To be honest, the more content you create the better. As long as the quality of the material is not lacking.

At the end of the day, however, blogging companies see more visitors, get more backlinks, and index more pages than pages that don’t.

You want to fall into the blogging category that sees more traffic, links, and indexed pages.

Part of the reason, of course, is because every piece of content they create and every new page they publish gives them a second chance to rank in Google.

If you’re constantly creating content, then it’s only a matter of time until you start ranking.

Mistake # 5 Ranking: Your website is not mobile-friendly

Maybe you're doing everything right.

You have no duplicate content on your website. Maybe you are registered with Google My Business. And maybe you also take advantage of social cues and constantly create content.

Then, you check your results, and still, you are not in the rankings.

What does it offer?

Well, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, it offers it.

In today's world where people browse the internet on different devices every day, you need to provide all those different screen sizes.

It's very important that Google moved mobile to the first index as well - which means they look at your mobile site first instead of your desktop version.

Google has a greater impact on this because more than half of all Internet traffic

Whoever Google takes care of, you also need to take care of it.

Making your website mobile can be easy. Just choose a WordPress theme that fits your needs and is device-flexible.

That change will automatically help your ranking.

Ranking Error # 6: Google did not index your website

What's going on You are not showing anywhere in Google?

Well, the first and most detrimental reason is that Google doesn't have time to index your new page yet.

If you've just created your page, give it some time before you find yourself in the results.

This is happening because you accidentally prevented Google from visiting your website.

You need to undo it and make sure that Google is crawling your website whenever it wants. Blocked robot. Here's how to fix a text error.

Remember, if Google can't crawl your website and analyze it, you have no chance of ranking.

Make sure that your settings are correct in Google Search Console and that your website code does not prevent you from seeing crawling bots.

Ranking Error # 7: Your website is slow

To browse the internet, find the result you like, and then wait more than 10 seconds for that website to load, a few things are worse.

For that reason, Google puts significant ranking weight on how fast your website loads. They had a complete update that specifically targeted page speed.

There are two reasons why rankings decline with slower load times.

The first is that Google ranks websites with faster load times than slower load times.

People, after all, don’t want to wait.

Google doesn't want them to wait.

However, another reason is that when your website has a slow load time, your bounce rate increases, which, in turn, hurts your rankings.

That’s double the loss.

Check the ranking guide page speed.

If your speed is low and your optimization is low, it means you can take steps to speed up your website.

For example, compress your image files or simplify your design.

The faster your website speed, the higher chance of your ranking.


After all, there are only ten positions that matter in Google and millions of results.

How would you suit your present?

It starts with doing the right things: generating backlinks, for example.

Once you've done all the right things, you still won't get the order. It happens when you need to pay attention to potential SEO mistakes while you are doing it.

Now you know some common ranking mistakes: having duplicate content on your website, not registering on Google My Business, ignoring social cues, and creating scattered content.

Also, using only the desktop version of your website, blocking your website from Google, and slow loading can also hurt your ranking potential.

Fix those problems, however, you will come in the rankings at any time.

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