Why Hire a Graphic Designer?

If you’re starting your own business, you’ll require to evolve your brand identity & perhaps a website. If you are a Do It Yourself (DIY) person you will likely want to face this task alone by reading some tips & tricks on the internet and trying to find a solution.

Here are five reasons why you MUST NOT do that.


A graphic designer will take time to understand your business, your mission, and what’s the message you want to communicate to your audience. He’ll, later on, translate this into a language of colors & images that combine & make sense. A graphic designer knows how to frame your brand stand out. Take the same instance in other aspects of your life. If you want to redecorate your house and you do it yourself, you will not have the same results that if it’s done by an interior designer, of course, the price will not be the same. But remember the first rule of graphic design (CHEAP, FAST, GOOD). All 3 are not possible.


Your brand identity has several elements: logo, business card, letterhead, website, newsletter, etc. You must keep consistency in all those elements so your audience can quickly relate to your brand. A professional graphic designer can use certain elements without having to repeat them all to achieve to coherent look. The look & feel of all your brand elements needs to capture your audience’s attention.


As you are the expert on your business, the graphic designer is the expert on his domain. Graphic designers are the best people who thinks outside the box. You may have an idea around a logo, or the colors you want to utilize, but a graphic designer can give you the creativity & additional external perspective that can twist your brand identity & provide that WOW factor that the audience will remember you about. A different perspective will open new doors & ideas. A professional graphic designer will focus on the message you want to deliver.


By doing things on your own or with non-professional designers you will end up doing the work twice. A professional graphic designer knows the tricks & rules of design; they spend their life working on that! For example, if we talk about web design, they know the different image sizes & resolutions needed for social platforms, how to adapt the design when your website is read on a desktop or a mobile phone. When it comes to print design, a professional graphic designer will know what colors can be printed with better resolution according to the paper used, etc.


This one might be difficult to understand because it’s abstract, but your company’s success also depends on your brand design. For instance, is not the similar thing to design a logo for an airplane company for example than designing a logo for a small software company. If you perform a mistake with the plane company and they require to repaint all the airplanes it will not be the same cost as if you have a change a cloud base software logo. In web design, it is proven that a good website design with specific Call-to-Actions can create more revenue than a poor website design.


You are the expert of your business, let the professional graphic designers deal with your brand identity design. If you do things by yourself or if you hire cheap graphic designers, you will be wasting precious time. A good graphic designer will be able to adapt to your budget. He will help your brand stand out from the rest with that specific WOW factor. The message you want to deliver to your audience will be clear & consistent all along with your brand identity. My advice: Hire a graphic designer!

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