What is Google Tag Manager



The Google Tag Manager is a management system tool of Google which allow the user to update the desired tag & JavaScript snippets that transfer data to the third parties. It was released on 1st Oct 2012 to manage analytic tags. It can be used for both website & mobile apps to analyze traffic. One can use Google Tag Manager with Google Adwords, Floodlight and Google Analytics. Instead of manually editing website code, you can easily edit tags with the help of Google Tag Manager Interface.

It has become a popular tool in recent times because it solves the error in less time. Many People think that it’s an upgraded version of Google Analytics but it's not true. It is totally a different tool.

3 Main Parts of Google Tag Manager:

a) Tag which is code snippet

b) Triggers that tell you where you can execute the code.

c) Variables which is used store information.


Benefits of using Google Tag Manager:

Modifying code multiple times is actually very time-consuming process. With Google Tag Manager, one can do it in a very short span of time. This is a unique and most important feature of Google Tag Manager.

The Second most important feature of google tag manager is the container code which one can place on every page of the website. It acts as a container and stores and places analytical tags wherever you need.

It's very user-friendly that one can work efficiently with the tags. One can edit, enable, disable and remove tags.

You can have every control on the interface of Google Tag Manager so that you can decide the place of the tags.

Google Tag Manager is a free Management tool. One can get it for free. It includes many inbuilt features like usability, User role access & supported tags like Custom Html tags.

Debugging tools are available on the interface of the GTM with preview mode to check what you are publishing.

All tags are controlled at one place of the user interface of GTM


How to set up GTM?

1) Create a Google Tag Manager Account

2) Add Container code to every webpage of the website

3) Create the tag.

4) Check in the preview mode to see whether the code is working or not

5) Track the Google Analytics real-time report to make sure visits are being traced

6) Publish the container


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