Voice Search SEO: Optimize Website on Local Search 2020

Nowadays Voice Search is revolutionizing our searching process and of course, it’s gonna be the dawn for tomorrow’s digital world. It’s damn easy, 3.7 times faster than traditional search, and more conversational.

However, you’ll need to find well-optimized content to rank on top in voice search. And you don’t hire a special team. change your SEO strategy and focus more on voice search SEO.

But it’s better to clear of the concepts regarding voice search SEO before moving on to the optimizing tips.
So if you’re voice search SEO, use this jump to section to navigate.

Tips Voice Search SEO To Rank First On Google

Schema Markup also was known as Structured Data is a code that is added to your website. This code helps search engine platforms to understand your site’s content.

Remember Just one thing, schema won’t improve your voice SERP results. However, it displays more enhance search results that describe the relationship of the content to the user’s intent query. The more your content to the voice search query, it’ll satisfy the user intent.

Schema Markup's best practices for SEO will provide more information to the search engines about your website, which helps them rank it easily on SERPs.

Satisfy User Intent

Nowadays, the content is all about user intent. If your content doesn’t pacify the user intent, Google will automatically index it down on SERPs(and it’s really smart in doing this).
User Intent purpose of a user behind any search. If your content doesn’t contain what a user came for, they’ll exit your page. This will increase your bounce rate and it’s really hard to rank on top for a page with a high bounce rate.

Be Mobile-optimized

Mobile devices are compact and portable and you can carry them anywhere. And since every smartphone now comes with a built-in virtual assistant, we use voice search almost everywhere.

Few things you can do for mobile-optimization are:

  • Optimize your mobile pages using AMP.
  • Make your website responsive.
  • Check your site’s speed with GTMetrix and improve it.
  • Make your content more readable on mobile devices.
  • Use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool to test your website.

You can see MakeWebBetter’s mobile-friendly test result here. Mobile optimization factors improve your search ranking and drive traffic to your website.

Create Content That Gives Candid Answers

You’ll have to write content in a way so that it can answer their questions. For instance, if a user asks“Ok Google, tell me the number of calories a tortilla has.” You’ll have to write content that sounds more conversational and gives a candid answer to them.

A direct answer not only satisfies a user but also has a high chance to appear in featured snippets.

Use Long-tail Keywords Smartly

This an excellent voice search SEO technique to reinforce your content’s rank. Since voice search queries contain more words, you can target long-tail keywords to rank on top of Google.

You can see that speech searches are longer and if you want to improve your rank on voice search, use long-tail keywords that contain more words.

This doesn’t mean or justify you should start long tailor 9 words long keyword no worth keywords everywhere in your content. You just have to use it smartly in your content so that it contains keywords and makes sense at the same time.

Improve Page Speed

Page speed was a crucial factor for desktop searches but after Google’s speed update, it has become vital for mobile searches too. Google released an update in 2018 where it said that this update will affect only those pages that deliver the slowest experience to the users.

Page speed affects your bounce rate significantly since 40% of the users leave the website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. The worst thing is that 80% of visitors don’t return.

Stay Updated On GMB

Google My Business is a major ranking factor on local searches according to Moz.

  1. Give Priority to any Negative or Positive review or Questions asked on GMB.
  2. Add all the information and always keep it updated just like we did here.

This won’t boost your website’s ranking but it’ll help local searchers a lot to know and connect with your business. If they find it more convenient to reach out to you, they’ll more likely to contact you.


Voice search is getting more and more prevalent as people who aren’t familiar with the technology can use it too. Because for illiterate people who don’t know how to type, searching for their favorite movies on Google with voice.

That'll be a trend for tomorrow. Voice search optimization techniques from now will reach the Target Audience with the Right SERP result pages.

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