Useful Tips to Diminish Friction on E-Commerce Website

Getting a handle on the favor of a visitor that has an attention span of a kid is much difficult than it appears. Among mere three seconds, a visitor decides whether or not he desires to go to your page or bounce off to a website that provides better. While there may be several reasons for the reluctance of the visitant towards your website, one sensible reason is the psychological resistance that the visitors face while finishing an action. This resistance of the potential customer may either be a result of poor layout, lack of data, or the unclear message that the website is attempting to convey. Your landing page’s sole motive is to compel the customer to make a buy; in case, if you are planning to do it then you need to expel the barriers that are causing friction in the sales funnel.

Clearing Off the Clutter

Prior to skipping to any further element, begin with clearing off the clutter that is presently making friction on your website. Take away unessential elements that are hampering the navigation or creating the navigation on the website confusing. Unessential elements on the website produce unneeded friction and deviate the visitors from the primary goal of creating a buying deal on the platform. Also, take away the unessential links from the footer and alternative pages to form the user-experience of your e-commerce website sleek.

Eliminate Slow Loading

One of the key enemies of e-commerce is slow page loading. As I discussed earlier, the user of these days is information-oriented, and he needs the information very quick. With the constant technological innovations, the speed of accessing data on the internet has accumulated enormously on an average. In fact, it's currently a sin to run a website that is taking more than two seconds to load. About 40% of the clients clearly said, they'll leave the website directly if it's taking over usual to load. Slow Page loading is one among the chief friction makers on the website and should be the one on the priority list while optimizing your website for conversions.

Consolidate Trust Seals

When visitors visit your e-commerce website for the very initial time they look for the signs that instill trust and build them certain of their decision. By adding trust seals like contact options, some form of payment assurance, and multiple communication methods - you offer few more reasons to the visitors to trust your site and create an acquisition with none friction. Once the clients see a trust seal flashing on your website, he feels more assured regarding creating a monetary transaction on your online store.

Provide Multiple Payment Choices

No matter how efficient or good looking product you're promoting on your website, it's of no use until the time you've got a good payment setup that gives multiple payment choices to the buyers located worldwide. Fairly often it happens that the customer likes a product, but he has got to leave the website because the preferred payment choice is not available. To get rid of this friction from your e-commerce website ensure your payment gateway support payment through credit cards, cash, debit cards, net banking, paypal, etc.

Provide Correct Filters

For the websites that have numerous products on display, it's essential for the website designers to possess its search filters at the place. Current day buyers like the things organized and sorted. With such a large amount of product on display, it would get troublesome for the visitor to seek out the product that he's looking for. This typically adds to the frustration of customer and he leaves the site without making any purchase.

Include Testimonials

To strengthen the trust factor on your site, include client reviews and testimonials that speak up for your business. It's said that 61% of the buyers refer to the client testimonials before creating an acquisition. Not simply that, after reading reviews and testimonials the guests feel a lot of assured regarding the brand and their decision. Once a customer browses a review about a product on a website, the doubts in his mind disappear and he feels a lot of inclined towards shopping for the product. Incorporate client testimonials and reviews to smoothly lead the client down the sales funnel.

The list doesn’t finish here; however, optimizing your website by keeping the above mentioned points in your mind won't solely enhance the conversion rate, but additionally, build your identity as a brand that provides impeccable website experience to the users. Always keep in mind, optimizing strategies for online businesses rely completely on the individual metric and information of every brand. The guidelines that you will find online would clearly assist you to fight better the friction on your website, but don’t merely copy what others do. Study your site and make changes accordingly. You can also take the assistance of an e-commerce website designing company; its expert team members would recommend the best for your website.


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