Understanding Google My Business Profile Insights

The prospect of collecting, evaluating, and acting on data might be intimidating for a small business owner or marketer for a local business. It's important to understand how to evaluate the data and utilize that understanding to determine the best course of action. This goes beyond simply knowing where to seek for the most relevant data.

Google My Business Profile Insights offers a simple place to start. If you just performed a Google Business Profile audit, you most likely have a plan of action that details the adjustments you must make, additional tasks you must complete, and goals and objectives you must set in order to advance your Google Business Profile presence.

What is Google Business Profile Insights?

You can see information about your local search performance from Google Business Profile Insights, including how many people have viewed your listing, how they found you, and the interactions they've had with it (clicking calling you or requesting directions for example). GBP insights are distinct from Search Console and Google Analytics in that they are solely focused on your local search presence.

The benefits of Google Business Profile Analytics

Google Business Profile insights give you information on how your company is performing on local search, give you some idea of how specific aspects of your local search presence compare with those of other businesses in a similar industry and give you a better idea of what local customers do when they see your listing. You may use this information to improve your local SEO efforts and overall local marketing strategy.

How to download Google Business Insights?

No download of Google Business Insights is required. The Google Business platform already has it. You'll have immediate access to Google Business Insights after claiming your listing and verifying your business.

What Insights does a Google report provide?

The Insights data is divided into a variety of metrics, including:

  • Number of profile interactions
  • How people discovered you (platform and device)
  • Search phrases for which your listing appeared for
  • Communications sent to your company from your business profile, such as calls and messages
  • Booking made through your business profile
  • Requests for directions sent through your business profile
  • Website clicks made through your business profile
  • How many times your business profile images have been seen
  • How many photos you have compared to other companies with similar profiles
  • The number of food orders placed (for food businesses)
  • The number of merchandise views
  • How many people have viewed your posts?

In the coming months, more metrics related to your business profile will be included in Google's shift from Insights to Business Profile Reporting. Additionally, new reports and features will be included. The first two updates to be made as part of this procedure are the number of food orders received and the number of product views, with more to come. 


Performance, which is accessible through the Direct Edit on Search, offers you a general idea of how well your company is performing in local search. You may quickly view all of the calls, instructions, bookings, and website clicks that have been made with your profile during the selected time frame.

Customer Behavior

The Customer activities data should be able to help you decide where to concentrate your GBP efforts if you're unsure. It might assist you in figuring out the typical steps that visitors to your listing do, such calling you or asking for directions.

Numerous queries for directions might indicate the need to offer information about nearby parking spots or public transportation.

The Business Performance Report, which you can see while managing your profile directly in Search, separates each sort of action into its own report so you can view data for calls, messages, bookings, directions, and website clicks separately.

Demands for directions

A directions heatmap showing the locations of those search users is displayed once direction requests have been made.

This heatmap provides a clear picture of where potential customers originate. By using geo-targeting in social media campaigns, for instance, you may fine-tune your advertising by using zipcode data.

Phone calls

You'll see this information in this part of the Insights page if a searcher clicks on your GBP listing to call. To assist with scheduling new posts, find out which days and hours result in the most calls.

Messages from Your Business Profile to Your Business

Through your Business Profile, local search users can message your company directly from the search results.

Through the question and answer part of your profile, you can search through messages for frequently asked questions and add them to your listing.

Booking Appointments through Your Business Profile

Searchers can make a reservation, an appointment, or a booking through your Business Profile if you've linked a bookings or appointment app with your listing.

This information is helpful for identifying patterns; you can use it to track the most popular days and hours for bookings as well as determine whether the number of bookings made through your business listing is rising or falling over time. Following that, you may plan more Posts to get viewers' attention at certain periods.

Clicks from Your Business Profile on Websites

This section of your Google Business Profile data is helpful for assessing the effectiveness of your local SEO approach. While a decline in clicks or a lack of clicks indicates that your local SEO strategy or audience targeting is not quite right, an increase in clicks indicates that you are getting more prominent and are effectively targeting your audience.

What is the purpose of Google Insights?

You can find and easily understand a lot of helpful information using Google Business Profile Insights. If you're unfamiliar with this side of things, it's a particularly approachable introduction to analytics and data-driven decision-making. GBP Insights data isn't always as specific or granular as you might need it to be, though.

You must delve further if local SEO is important to you. To start this process, conduct a thorough examination of Google Business Profile and look into additional tools like Google Analytics.

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