The deadline for Mobile Optimization of website Is April 2015


Can Anyone predict how much of mobile Traffic towards your site can be impacted with the rise of Google’s upcoming algorithm for mobile compatibility of your website?

In order to improve the mobile friendliness for your website & mobile user experiences GOOGLE will be rolling out the new algorithm change to improve the compatibility of your website . The update would be rolling out by the mid April 2015 . Your website’s compatibility would be  revolutionized with this mobile friendly algorithm.

Thus , Should the website Owners need to rush out to make their website mobile compatible or not? AXAT Technologies is an well experienced mobile friendly web designing company that can help you out with this to stop the algorithm impact on your mobile traffic.

April 21st would be the day when google would be to start using this algorithm changes towards your website to check whether its mobile friendly , and whether its affecting the mobile experience of your target audience towards the view of your website being non-friendly and thus affecting the traffic to your website.

Google’s recent announcement of their major algorithm changes would be revolutionizing how your website is compatible with mobile users . The increasing number of mobile users have made google to roll out such a tremendous change in its  algorithm to improve the users experience towards mobile .In order to make the mobile web easy for mobile users and return the most useful search results to the searcher with its friendliness you need to get developed your mobile website previous to April 21, 2015.

According to the estimations by Google around 60 %s of the users towards any website  are from mobile and tablets. Thus its confirmed for google to optimize the mobile search results to be returned to users in order to keep maintain the mobile traffic towards any website.

Google now have made this major algorithm change roll out in order so as the website with being mobile optimized would rank higher in search results pages with respect to those being not mobile friendly optimized. In the mean time the desktop search engine traffic would remain unaffected . Although as of now mobile compliance is no more remaining as an optional for any website. Keeping it regardless of the industry of your website the mobile searches makes it to be around 30 % of any website traffic.

However, the great experts at Google have started predicting that this newest mobile optimization algorithm by Google would have greater impact than the giant algorithms of Panda & Penguin. As most of the internet marketer may be aware about the hit this panda & penguin algorithms have done before to the whole of internet marketing community . The biggest impact now would be the new Mobile compatibility ranking algorithm by Google. However as an website owner we can’t predict on much  about the impact of such an algorithm change in mobile traffic. As of now as we can guess much about the update right now but we can say that the most badly affected would be the websites with not being mobile optimized than that being mobile optimized and being much affected with their visibility .

Thus when it does comes to Web Design then the much on priority comes on to the website being mobile optimized. Ranking Changes would also be an important aspect in with the addition to the algorithm changes. This algorithm would affect to change the search results ranking & what sort of results being displayed in serps being given higher rankings.

This algorithm discovers how as of now the dependency for ranking higher in google serps impacts.

While it has became just next to possible to predict the effect of this algorithm, but we can say that this major change would become the most important in the next days.

If in case to get your website mobile optimized in order to get unaffected with this major algorithm change by google Just Contact - AXAT Technologies an Dedicated Web design company for a complete analysis on your website to be mobile compatible.

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