The best way to target Desktop and smart phone user in search

Recently Google announced that differentiate between desktop users and smart phone user . And study showing that day by day mobile ad spend is on the rise. Anyone in the digital world will know that mobile internet usage has been rapidly growing in the past few years and 2014 has been no exception to this trend. Desktop search results and ads are hitting negative numbers on all search engines ( google , yahoo, bing, Bindu) .

With this prediction, I realize it safe and sound to convey in which this is the time to make sure your business can be up to date and over the latest criteria intended for mobile style and mobile seek. Or even, you might shortly become (if you’re not necessarily already) losing a serious component of your own goal on-line current market. But many business or website owners are not providing more transfer business information as compared to their desktops.

One more error found that mobile search redirection is faculty redirect

Many website owners creating separate URLs for Smartphone user and mobile phone users . Perphers the most common mistake found that faculty redirects . Rather than redirecting any mobile search give you it's the majority of applicable mobile websites, websites are directed in order to non-relevant websites, the below example show the how to flow the faculty redirect error       Proper        Wrong       Wrong 

And more cases, mobile sites just don’t have the relevant pages to redirect to. In this case Google’s individual suggestion is to serve the users with the desktop .

Now take a look on how to show desktop search results on google search engine ,

Now a days also all developing and other country still using their desktop for better search result . And I think people also want relevant information from google and other search engine. Before 3 or 4 years ago this was our primary focus was getting business keyword on 1 set page on google search result and should be one of the main strategy for inbound marketing and SEO campaign .

The result showing google search page is top of the result sites are paid listing or sponsored result then after showing the organic listing and business listing search results. Bottom of the pages and right side of google SERP (search engine result page) is again paid listing and sponsored (ads) results.Most of the business owners want their business are more explored in the result page . They would try the good to invest in the different inbound services not simply SEO .

Now turn to smart mobile search result on google search engine.

In mobile search result you would find out lots of sponsored ads or PPC ads present in this search result and they have a great deal with smart users and views as a result of not solely do they show up 1st in Google’s search results, they often contain decision to action buttons, like call buttons next to the listing. Next to sponsored ads now showing in only 2 organic results are displayed in the smart phone result because of its important part of SEO point of view . Not only is it at the top, it’s free when users click it. Then after showing result is searches related to a particular keyword . These results can be shown that related result to reach their customer to your business or result . Same as desktop bottom pages results are sponsored (ads) present smart phone are also showing sponsored ads are their bottom result page but that listing are less expensive and effective as compare to top of the ads. Sometimes users are frustrated to scroll downwards to search page. Make sure you're tracking your Google Adwords campaigns to make sure you know which ads are converting to top position.

What's the take way from desktop user and smart phone users

I think you are guessing that how to target both device users . As time goes on mobile users and it's solely gaining market share. It is important to organize your business websites and online presence normally for this surge of latest users. Things like creating your web site tuned in to mobile devices, always make your site open as mobile speed, checking the practicality on completely different devices, and confirming it's being crawled properly used to be a number of your initial priorities in ensuring your is prepared for mobile.

One good news is google said that smart phone result pages are same as desktop result page on google search engine that mean you have to maintain your online presence in both the devices . And there are no differences between desktops and smart phone organic results . The areas would like to focus on if you are targeting to concentrate on a mobile user would be the paid listing (Google Adwords) along with regional SEO to you should improve your ranking to the local search listing .

These local search listings will also useful for desktop search result also, its as easy .These 2 sections especially take up a significant a part of the Smartphone “screen real-estate” and have to get additional clicks and views once viewed from a Smartphone or mobile device.

If you need to help your business or web pages visible to both the devices feel free to contact us . We will definitely help you as much as possible .


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