Social Media In A Nutshell.


It's hard to believe, that a platform we used to share pictures and communicate with our friends and family could become a portal to display your product/services on a commercial level. Not only that, it's now possible to sell your products using facebook or instagram.Running a business is pretty difficult then it looks like. But social sites now a days help you make it EZ! Yes, you just need some basic tools to run your page efficiently. It just gets easier as you start understanding how they work.This does not mean social media is less effective than other platforms. The importance of social media has only increased with time.

1. Brand Building

In this high level of cut throat competition, you don't want to lose any platform, which provide you high traffic. Then how can you ignore social media ? Studies show, 90% of the traffic online is on social media sites. Which make them appear like a treat to many marketers. The oppurtunities these sites offer, makes life of customers as well as brands EZ! Interacting with your customers is by far the best way to achieve customer satisfaction. Social Media sites allow you to directly connect with your customers, through chat option. Also, leading to better customer relationship.

If you have happy customers, these customers are ought to bring in more like them. A simple thumbs up on your facebook page, or a follow on instagram could earn your bussiness recognition. Gradually, your page will have more interactions as your customer base increases, thus leading to trust and credibility of people in your brand. Trust and credibility of people in your brand acts like a social proof, for future bussiness projects.

2. Better UI Better Sales

Social Media sites are designed for the best UI and UX! Thus making them places for people to navigate their way! It's easier for one to lose track on a specific landing page, than the facebook page of the same company. And now with facebook allowing you to have a cart on your bussiness page, it makes it more easy to bring in conversions. With facebook there are chances you could make sales with every campaign, leading to higher conversion ratio. It also helps to target your audience using age,address, location, pin-code or even sometimes even their buy history. Facebook also offers you the chance of retargeting your targetted audience, who previously did not buy anything but could be potential customers.

#Note :- As social media recieves so much traffic, retargetting your audience is not a bad idea.

3. E-Commerce Platform Ez-Conversions

Social Media Platforms like, facebook and instagram now offer you the chance to sell your products directly. A few sites offer you the chance to connect a cart to your facebook page without you having to do any of the coding. Having customers shop directly from your facebook/instagram page would affect your sales directly. Thus leading to potential increase in numbers.

4. They're already there, why wait?

Your competitors are already being social, generating more traffic which later might turn into leads and potential clients. Social Media presence helps brand build faith of their customers in their products or services gradually. Also, it could be a place for brands to learn more about their product through suggestions and become better.

5. Better Insights

Facebook and Instagram use their own analytics to help you gain necessary information regarding your posts. It helps you recognize which post got the highest shares, highest likes, highest sales, etc. thus helping you understand what kind of posts people appreciate from you.

6. Discovery & Visibility

About 1.96 Billion of the worldwide population are Social Media users, this number is expected to 2.6 Billion by 2018. With social media booming so much,it becomes the most important place to make your presence be felt in the real world. Also, providing your bussiness the target audience it craves for.

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