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Everyone’s heard about those game-changing SEO Takeaways. Luckily, that experience has given us some key insights into present-day SEO. The reality is that there are so many options and optimizations you need to consider that this set-it-and-forget-it approach is effective. You can succeed in SEO, but only if you first accept the fact that it isn’t as straightforward as it looks. Many Digital Marketing misconceptions are based on the eternal appeal of shortcuts. We love to believe in simple SEO tricks that will save us time and energy.

Okay, here's what you'll learn from this post:

  • How to earn featured snippets
  • Ready for Revolution in Voice Search
  • Win-Win for Mobile Speed
  • The future of visual search
  • Be an Expert in YouTube Traffic
  • Plan Link building strategies in 2018-19
  • Future Vision of Search Engine Result Pages.

We Present a detailed view of the above topics.

1) How to earn featured snippets

Well featured snippets placed below the ads box. First off, you have to get an overall suggestion of keyword phrases, questions, and your present rankings, that's why you can must:

  • Right queries and analyze your site's rankings.
  • Talk to your communication or consumer management team.
  • Find Out Query intent info based keywords.
  • Ask Online Community about there views.

When You have Strong enough data start proceeding about get more featured snippets Results for your domain. Points to keep in mind between procedure.

  • Select the best one based on your analysis.
  • Frame best paragraph content about 40 to 60 Words.
  • Top Level Optimized Images.

2) Ready for Revolution in Voice Search

In General, it is found out human can speak 140 words per minute and write 40 words per minute. So More focus on voice search is important today technologies era. The user doesn't want to waste a time with typing and it is a revolution for voice tech giant with autocorrect options.

Focus More on Three Factors which is affect lots of voice search. Means commands, conversations, and C-questions.

  • Analysis and examine your customer support team.
  • Check out Google Console Data.
  • Details Examine of SERP Results.

Remember Points for Voice Search

  • The heading must be a question
  • Frame content into To do list.
  • Short crisp | Smart Paragraph
  • The answer appears within 40-55 words of content.
  • Right, Schema Mark-Up.
  • Optimize for anchor text to the better user experience.

3) Win-Win for Mobile Speed

It is the most important aspect for all type of search result whether it is Voice search or organic search, visual search. Now Changed page speed insights show results. however, is anything new, and it can be confusing — mainly in case your site receives a "just right" optimization score at the same time as a "sluggish" pace ranking.

How Google determines your velocity score

it is principal to have an understanding of how precisely Google determines web page's speed rating.

Page Speed Insights measures web page velocity established on the median worth of your First Contentful Paint (FCP) and DOM content Loaded (DCL).

4) The future of visual search

Traditional and growing search traffic is visual search which growing at same pace voice search is growing. For some motive, SEOs and digital marketers commonly forget in regards to the significant visitors they are able to get from visible search results.

Here atop things for Visual search never to keep aside.

  • Image fileName
  • ALT Optimized
  • Use Right Captions
  • Fill a Right Image Description
  • Right Site Map for Images
  • contextual information surrounding images
  • Use structured data
  • High-quality images with recognition algorithms.
  • Attention enables Object Search with Google Lens.

5) Be an Expert in YouTube Traffic

As Usual, Know user loves video content but question how to be expert in youtube traffic. Creating videos is not enough, we also need to optimize them first to see good ranking results. Here are details how to generate good youtube traffic.

Initially, let's bear in mind all sources of site visitors your YouTube video can get; there are 5 of them:

  • After Upload 15% Your Subscriber Receive Notification which sends us traffic.
  • Share on Social Media or Embed into a blog known as seeding.
  • 20-40% Traffic Generated via Google Organic Search.
  • Right Optimized Video Shows Up Top of Result and Brand Get Established
  • Get Featured in Youtube Trending Section.

Meta Tags about video does not play a bigger role in Ranking on Youtube due to algorithm influenced by machine learning and viewer satisfaction. Still, we have more scope like

  • Video Quality
  • Get More Social Signals the more shares and likes your videos get, the better.
  • Total no of watch time.
  • First 24 Hours matters lots.
  • The session begins: beginning a brand new session is an optimistic metric and ending a session is a terrible one.

Essential YouTube optimization checklist

  • Optimized title catchy and include your target keywords.
  • Keywords in Video Description.
  • Using Relevant Keywords is important.
  • Avoid Proofread the automatic captions. upload them manually.
  • Right playlists titles and descriptions attached.
  • Best time to publish identify.

6) Plan Link building strategies in 2018-19

It's tough to think a search engine optimization event without discussions of backlink tactics.

  • Find competitors Broken link Reach Out for the approach.
  • Reverse image search Means same competitor popular content reach out and contact via image search.
  • Build on research outreach to those that covered the original.
  • Secure your links before you've produced content
  • Information journalism: a functional guide to profitable tremendous hyperlinks.
  • One way link possibilities founded to your competition in seo SpyGlass.

7) Future Vision of Search Engine Result Pages.

You may have to deal with more challenging algorithms in the future. Google's seeking to answer more and more search queries correct on a outcome page. Here things we are able to remember in future SERP Pages and internet site.


  • Well-optimized and user-friendly Website
  • Focus on their CTR Based phrases (Keyword)
  • Seem for longer tail key words that trigger fewer SERP features.
  • Interactive Content.
  • Use a variety of keywords not just branded search queries.
  • Reputation management plays a big role.
  • on-SERP and in-SERP SEO Research
  • Optimizing for featured snippets get enticing clicks interested enough to click.
  • Content for Google-owned properties.
  • Barnacle" search engine optimization approach visitor posting connect your website to industry leaders.

We were glad to Provide SEO Takeaways 2018! We are still optimistic about the future of the industry.

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