SEO Features That Can Immediately Improve Your Product Page Ranking In 2020

With increasing digitalization, online shopping is getting more popular, everything you would like from grocery to non-public care is now just a click away. But, with the increasing demand, competition is also increasing. Hence, it is very important to know how your business is doing in this competitive scenario and how can you improve your page ranking.

We have brought you 13 SEO features that prime Ranking Product Pages have in common. To boost your page ranking you can use these highlights features.

1. Keep Short and proper URL with keywords describing the product

Avoid Long Formats URLs, Keep Simple & Short Works Better. Don’t use unnecessary content that the consumer doesn’t need to know. Use Relevant keywords describing the product/service that can help SERP to Recommend your website to the searchers. It is necessary to check how your URL looks when shared. The shared URL should look simple and clear for users to know. Also, sharing a long URL repeatedly breaks the link leading to showing error 404.

2. Your Title Tag should be associated with the product and its specification

A title tag is one of the crucial elements in program ranking, so it's essential to settle on your title tag which will be optimized. If you would like an ideal title tag, include keywords citing name, Product Name, Specification e.g. Size, Unique Feature e.g. Light Weight, Part Number, Application.

Consider the following tips while optimizing title tags:
• Avoid duplicate words
• Your URL Text Optimized for clarity and visibility.
• Your important keywords should be in between 65 characters
• Never include your Brands’ name or Web Name in the Tag.

3. Mobile Friendliness

Your site must be either responsive to mobile devices or it must have a mobile counterpart like AMP. White Papers Suggest 50 percent of customers or users are using their Smartphones for online shopping. So, if your product isn't mobile-friendly you're already losing half the purchasers. Also, mobile-friendly sites have higher positioning on google.

Must Review Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to know the Level of friendly your website is, Try Multiple Pages for Tests, and Identified other issues as well.

4. Having Site Search is a must

The Site Search feature is commonly found in most e-commerce websites and very importantly in every successful e-commerce site. It indicates your business and on what platform you are working. Site search has benefits like you get to know what your customer is looking for. And the keyword data can be beneficial for optimizing your customers’ experience and can also help you in developing strong keyword research. Other benefits are that site search grants you a search box in google’s organic search results, benefiting customers as well as you, having a search site reduces competition from Competitors sites, as it gives space screen in the SERP Results.

5. Post-Unique Product Description and Attractive Images

To improve your search results, post unique descriptions and attractive images of your product. Most of the times' Product Seller posts descriptions and images provided by default manufacturers, which are used by others as well. So create your original content as the program detects duplicate content and avoid showing it to the users.
You can improve your site positioning using image optimization. Upload a smaller sized image with a Right Link to a larger version, this will speed your Promotion. Image optimization can boost traffic to your website from the image search.

6. Provide a detailed specification of the product

A detailed description of the product helps the customer in making a decision. Specifications include size, shading, weight, dimensions, unique features, warranty details, link to product instructions and replacement of parts, etc. Don’t hide pricing from the purchasers make it visible and straightforward to seek out.
Q & A section on your website consider as beneficial, many e-commerce portal websites are doing it for success. Q & A clears doubts and initiate them to buy the product. It also helps you to create customer-centric content on the page.

7. Customer Reviews

Whenever someone is buying a product online, they surely check reviews given by other customers and lots of customers make their buying decision supported customer reviews. Hence, it's vital to display customer reviews on the merchandise page. Also, reviews give an extra advantage by generating original content on the page.
Google Scans Everything Related To Customer Actions.
Google’s guidelines relating to reviews:
• Reviews on your site must be generated 
• Distribute both (good and bad reviews).
• All reviews must be real, free, and unpaid.

8. Mark up Product Page with structured data

Marking up your content with the structured data will enable your website to get an upscale search result. You can use markup. Marking up your content with Schema will provide you with a Rich Snippets listing which is attractive. You can also markup specifications of the merchandise like color, size, etc.
9. Pictures Create More Impact than Text, Videos make more prominent effect than the picture

Visual content is the most powerful and straightforward thanks to delivering your message. you'll tell the purchasers about the specifications of the merchandise or also can give instructions. Either way, it's the foremost powerful content far, and away and utilizing it's a no brainer. Other benefits of videos are that it exceeds the time duration a customer spends on your page also because it reduces the bounce rates, both yield positive and good results.

But, posting videos on your page may result in additional loading time so, use it wisely and wherever it's necessary otherwise you think can have more impact. you'll also use a picture link which opens on another page with the video, to scale back the loading time.

10. Describe the merchandise easily and straightforwardly that customer can understand

Your customers must understand and are satisfied with the merchandise specifications and descriptions, because if your customers aren't satisfied, they'll call up to clear it and make an order, or might not order, both will reduce your online sales. Design your website in a manner that it's easy to know and is user-friendly.

11. It's vital to possess a secure server

Your server has got to be secured with a DV (Domain Verification) certificate. A secure server is vital not just for scoring good rank but also, to draw in customers and protect their safety. Google consistently warns the purchasers, whenever they hook up with a non-secure website, this may end in losing customer’s trust. A secure site attracts customers.

12. Specialize in Page Load Time

Page loading time plays an important role in program ranking. Customers prefer a faster loading website. Google also wants sites to load within a few seconds which isn't a simple task to realize. it's recommended that your pages load within 8 seconds or faster than your competitor’s website. To implement measures that will ensure your website loads faster and avoid elements that will slow your website.

13. Specialize in Copywriting and Keywords

A strong content may be a must to draw in customers towards your website. A copywriter has the power to optimize the keywords and make a sales copy superior using high traffic keywords.

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