Prominent SEO tendency dictate in 2017


SEO is like Sensex up and down, follow up opponents update, a new amendment in rules & regulations, all about for win-win situation for your website compares to opponents.

The search engine is changing day by day for betterment & right information provided to the searcher. Along with all change adjustment towards SEO strategy & content marketing to be done on demand of change. Adjustment in strategy for evolutions in SEO industry must need steps for the now & upcoming year 2017.

Begin of the new year and new heights of challenge in SEO field. Another interesting new level of SEO changes must have been practiced. Here is prominent SEO strategy will dictate in 2017.

1) AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

More importance for a mobile friendly website in 2016 and 2017. 2017 as per statistics more preference to be provided for crawl mobile friendly website or AMP-based pages. Search engine bots will provide more favoritism to faster load pages on both platform desktop & mobile. Current statics indicate more than 50% search is happening on mobile, tablets etc. Advanced smartphone gadget coming with updated features with faster internet connectivity.

2) Content length v/s Dense content

Repeated content on the same topic or new version of content will be ignored in 2017. Now user demands dense content more. More then average1500 content rank well is myths in SEO industry which cover entire information on the topic. Dense content will trend in 2017. Specializing in providing as much know-how as possible in the smallest viable area dense content material to enchantment to readers.

3) Machine Learning & Faster Algorithm Functions

Smarter machine learning & faster algorithm function is now continuous in 2017. Algorithms are better to understand with machine learning that how users phrase conversational queries. Self-updates in Algorithm due to new machine learning. In 2017 more machine learning updates like 2016 Google Rank brain will come. Google will release more update in other areas like data interpretation or marketing automation etc.

4) OLD Weapon Will Become Stronger (Branding)

Branding is going for years and it will become even stronger in upcoming years due to the easier time for build user trust. Brand associate traffic boosts help in 2017. The Past only a few brands have taken advantage of branding SEO efforts. All social platform favor brand associated posts. 2017 a year of branding advantage to take privileged in the search engine. Branding in a list of Seo strategy for 2017.

5) USER Interface or User Experience Optimization

Continue glory from every year and prime importance provided for any website are User Experience, navigation. In 2017 user experience optimization is to be next level of heights. The web page includes all loved stuff on signal pages by the user. Example creative style mixed with video content or text content. Trust levels + Trust content or views for past customers with intend to click on subscribe for service or product.

6) APP era combination with website ( Most information without download )

APP optimization in SEO way with trending techniques are usually trend in 2017. App popularity and every digital needs app available in app store. User start using more apps and start denied traditional website in 2017 for the gobal mobile era. The user will select first options to be used apps of small & bigger needs like purchase or entertainment.

7) Searcher Self Digital Assistants & knowledgeable

New tools & technologies for digital assistants are common lifestyle trend for the searcher. New searches, data trend available easily for a new searcher. Sophisticated, altering the way in which many people perform Search Queries in 2017. Advanced types of conversational queries and that suggests new ranking opportunities in each area.

SEO strategy always prediction for upcoming years. Wait for a new segment from google in 2017. Following 7 Prominent SEO tendency will make the effect on your website in future.


Tags: SEO Strategy, AMP, Dense content, Algorithm
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