Panda 4.1 Google’s 27th Update Rolled Out and Penguin Refresh Coming Next

Search engine giant Google announced last week panda 4.1 is going to roll out and it will affect 3 to 5% search queries. The main focus of the update is penalty too thin and poor content websites filter a search engine result for a better user experience. Google has announced this on G+Plus platform it is slowly rolled out process and started implementing earlier this week and continue till next week.

A special statement from a search engine it will help top quality small and medium sized websites rank better in search engine. This rolled to be a more precise and helpful for those businesses.

According to our analysis and webmaster forum & google plus post new signals to be added to panda 4.1 updates and it will help this rolled out to identify low quality content website. It will help high quality content based website that's great news for the online marketer.

It will new chance for those websites those are affected in past update and high quality content based website rank higher. New penalty implemented on websites those are still spreading low quality content and website having low standard content on their website.

Reality check of update possible through webmaster and analytics. If you check your website traffic day by day going down current week then maybe your website affected due to recent update and opposite scenario traffic automatically goes up then your website benefited due to a recent update.Continuous traffic decline current and upcoming week ultimate blame on recent update. Keep checking your analytics data for cross check ignorance will be affecting your website and it is not an easy task to recover from a penalty.

Previous those sites not affected this time maybe they will come into the eyes of the new update. It is chance for affected sites make a necessary change and be prepared for the next update as well. It is panda updates continuously rolled out and it is 27th version of rolled out according to search engine land website. Last update happened on May 20 2014 and it is confirmed from search engine forum. It is usually no name provided after 4.0 updates. Search engine land provided a name 4.1 and 27th Update this time. It is a gap of the 4 month time taken this time for these updates. Panda update started on Feb 2011 and still continue rolling out period.

Major websites affected from this current update is games and lyrics website. This website are reported by search metrics massive traffic down after this update. Here are bigger names like and & leading web2. 0 website. Medical related website dealing with medial related content also affected.

Alert siren from a search engine that Next Big update is coming and its name is “Penguin”.According to me Penguin update or algorithm it is dangerous then panda. If you have good quality throughout your website and proper affiliate marketing no reason to worry when panda update will come. If you are having bad or low quality back-linking strategy then you are in a trap of penguin update and most of them affected due to low quality backlink still struggling to recover from past updates.

AXAT SEO online marketing client no reason worry due to the upcoming next update penguin. We follow these updates and our link building strategy is penguin proof and We follow everything what search engine signals provide and we update ourself with new updates every time.

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