Mistakes that E-Commerce Startups Must Avoid

The majority of the startups invest almost all their resources in following the most recent e-commerce trends in the hope to visualize big bucks flowing in. However, while religiously following these trends, the entrepreneurs overlook the various sillier and smaller mistakes that are capable of overwhelming all their e-commerce efforts and holding back their success. Enlisted below are the mistakes that e-commerce startups make that may be deadly and must be avoided for their e-commerce business.

Non-Intuitive User Interface - 

Not providing an intuitive user interface makes navigating on an e-commerce website rough. While designing any e-commerce website, the entrepreneur ought to keep it in mind the ground rule for an intuitive user interface that the client ought to be able to reach anywhere on the site in only three simple clicks. Being a startup, you must know how vital it is to keep the client engaged on your website, a user interface without an alert box, progress bars, image carousel, quick-to-load pages, dialog box, breadcrumb navigation, and effective image CTAs would make the user confused and switch to another website.

Not Prioritizing The Mobile Users -

59% of all e-commerce sessions take place on mobile devices. At a time when more than 50% of the buyers are turning to the mobile device for online purchase, not prioritizing this sizeable populace would drag down your leads and success. An e-commerce site without a flawlessly responsive web design for smooth switching will drop the user’s interest while making a purchase using the handy device.

Ineffective Or No Use Of Social Media - 

Social media is deemed as one of the most effective platforms to achieve organic traffic for any budding e-commerce website. 56% online buyers use social media to understand more regarding any product and if your product is unavailable on numerous social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, chances are high that the buyer could turn away from your e-commerce website.

Overlooking The Security -

In e-commerce, everything hinges on trust, if buyer doesn't trust you, they won’t purchase from you. And for startups, building trust holds the utmost importance. If the security of your e-commerce website is often easily breached by hackers, nobody would trust your startup. A security breach or information hacking will cause irreparable harm to your startup’s reputation.

Not Collecting Customer Information -

Collecting the customer information is the task that should hold supreme importance for e-commerce startups. Not collecting their contact information would detain one from creating targeted ad campaigns for effectual marketing. Moreover, it's the age of massive information and so as to remain in the competition for leading e-commerce sites, you’d have to use the data collected from the day of launch regarding customer choice and shopping pattern to provide personalized customer experience.

Low-Quality Images -

Trying to form an acquisition of products on e-commerce website with a low-quality image is another mistake most of the startups make. Nearly 78% online buyers want to see more images with as much elaborated data regarding the product as possible before making any purchase. If the images on your e-commerce website aren't HD quality images that can be zoomed to view each detail, it would not be able to satiate the buyer’s thirst for data.

No Paid Ads -

Depending only on organic traffic during the launch or initial stage of e-commerce marketing can lead you nowhere as a startup. Paid ads like Google AdWord permit your ads to look on the primary page of Google results, therefore gaining attention from users. Nobody is aware of your startup in the beginning, but using paid ads is proven to bring high-quality traffic on the website immediately; so speeding up the primary sale.

Underestimating Analytics -

Data is the most precious factor for e-commerce success. For the newbies, Google Analytics facilitate in measuring the performance of your e-commerce site to understand what’s effectively operating in your favor and what's not. Analytics helps you to get an insight on your website’s performance by telling about page views, unique views, the number of users, time spent, returning visitors, and much a lot of. Underestimating Analytics would mean that you just are aiming all of your marketing and SEO efforts in the open air without knowing the response they're creating.

Lengthy And Confusing Checkout -

Most of the startups, in the quest to make their website more secure, ask too much from the online buyer at the time of checkout. This makes the checkout lengthy and confusing for the buyer. The buyer desires to possess a sleek checkout method to place an order for his or her product from the shopping cart. Additional to that, not providing guest user checkout and limiting purchase to registered users will make the buyer leave the semi-loaded cart as it is.

These were some of the main mistakes that the majority of the startups make unwittingly while establishing their e-commerce business. If you have also made any such mistake in your recently launched e-commerce website, then correct them now to come up with a lot of leads and increase your product sales within a short span of time.

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