Keyword Research Mistakes that You Need to Avoid

Before you plunge into keyword research for your site, you should think about these common mistakes that majority of businesses & SEO firms make. 

Avoiding these common mistakes can save your valuable time, help you re-evaluate your promoting strategy, and drive the right customers to your website. 


1) Choosing keywords that are irrelevant to your customers

People often choose keywords with high search volumes in their field and don’t pay attention to the relevancy of these keywords to their target customers. You need to pick keywords that match your customer’s concerns.

Each of your target customers has distinctive needs and concerns, and they use various different words when they search. 

You need to understand your customers & the language they use. Keep in mind, each searcher has an intent and is searching for something. Your page needs to give the answer. 


2) Focusing on excessively particular keywords

If you have a large website with excessive possible keywords combinations, you may be enticed to optimize for every little combination you can, in an attempt to cover them all. For example: color, type, size, price, etc. Do the math. This can lead to a boundless amount of possible keywords.

The majority of these lengthy combinations have low search volumes, with nobody even looking for them. Additionally, focusing on an excessive number of keywords can divert you from the most important keywords.

Concentrate on the keywords that have good search volumes & the possibility to drive business. Keyword quality is more vital than keyword quantity.

Try not to go for generic keywords, or excessively particular keywords. It's best to begin with niche keywords that individuals use to search & purchase your products/services.


3) Choosing only a few big keywords

Another mistake that the large websites frequently make is concentrating only on a few top keywords. You only see this sort of methodology in black-hat SEO claims, like “get top rankings for 30 big keywords” because black-hat tactics are regularly used to push rankings for a single keyword at once.

One must follow a simple rule of thumb - every page ought to be improved for 3-5 keywords, so the number of keywords is approximately planned by the amount of content.

4) Finding keywords according to existing site structure

At the point when starting keyword research, the majority of people look at the main/primary pages & major sections of their website, and after that begin to search for keywords for those pages.

They then improve those same pages for the keywords they found. The issue is that you can pass up a major opportunity for a considerable measure of great keywords that the present site structure and site content hasn't covered.

The reason of good keyword research is to locate all conceivable keywords that your forthcoming customers are utilizing to discover you, & that has nothing to do with your website structure.

Your customers may search for very relevant content to your business, that is not on your site by any means! When doing good SEO, you really need to modify your site structure and make completely new sections & pages that are well optimized for the right keyword groups.


5) Placing the wrong keywords on the wrong pages

Once you have grouped your keywords, you need to figure out where to place those keywords on your site. This process is called “keyword allocation”, & it is a critical step in the keyword research process.

A typical misstep is adding irrelevant keywords to pages whose content does not match the keywords or pages that don’t match the search intent.

It’s not just about putting keywords on a page, it’s about coordinating each keyword with search intent & web page copy.

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