Importance of SEO-Friendly Content

Why SEO-Friendly Content is Important?

SEO-Friendly Content is vital, because in online marketing, especially in blogging, you'll be unable to make money online if your website isn't generating a substantial amount of traffic.

So regardless of how bodacious and sublime your blog monetization strategies are, if you're not getting quality and targeted (organic) traffic to your website/blog, you'll be unable to form a dime on the internet-web as a blogger.

In a nutshell, writing SEO-friendly content opens your website to a whole new world (market) of internet users who will be happy to read your blog and likely become your high-paying clients in 2021 and beyond!

How to Write SEO-Friendly Content?

Writing SEO Content or SEO Friendly Content isn't hard, but it requires that you simply understand the techniques and also the process of making one.

Quick one…

To write SEO-Friendly Content, you'll need to:

1. Do thorough keyword research. Use Contextual Results. Find topics that pass the test of time.

2. Put the keywords to work. That is, use it to optimize your blog post.

3. Write on something people care about.

4. Know the fundamentals of technical SEO.

5. Make it long enough to count.

6. Choose your post title well.

7. Include the Keyword in your URL.

8. Optimize your headings.

9. Use your image text.


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