How to Resolve Duplicate Content?

What is duplicate content and for what reason is it a worry for your site? Even better, how might you discover it and fix it?

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So why are we talking about duplicate content?

Well, this is a very common problem and can often be a bit confusing. What is this How is it determined? Why are certain pages on my site marked as duplicates of each other? And most importantly, if I find that this is something I can fix on my site, how do I fix it?

What is duplicate content?

So first, what is duplicate content?

Essentially, duplicate content material that looks in multiple locations on the Internet.  But this will not be as cut and dry as it seems. Very similar content, even if not identical, can be considered duplicates of each other.

When thinking about duplicate content, it's important to remember that it's not just human visitors when they visit your site and compare two pages. It's additionally approximately what search engines like google and yahoo and crawlers see after they get right of entry to the one's pages They can't see the rendered page, so they usually move away from the page's source code, and if that code is too similar, the crawler may think it's viewing two versions of the same page.

Imagine you go to the bakery and in front of you are two cupcakes that look almost identical. They have no clues. How do you know what you want? This happens when a search engine encounters two very similar pages.

This confusion between pieces of content can lead to things like ranking issues, as search engines will not be able to find out which page they will rank for or they may rank the wrong page.


There are several different ways you can deal with duplicate content.

301 redirects

The first is the choice to put 301 redirects into effect. This choice can be similar to the VHS reproduction of a movie, which may not always apply.

So you need to make sure that the parents offer the virtual model that is streaming. Web Online On your website, you can redirect old variations of pages to new, up-to-date variations. In addition to content updates, this content also applies to issues with subdomains or protocol changes in which you will no longer need humans to gain access to older content.

Rail = canonical

Next is the choice to put rel = canonical effect on your web page. Let’s say you’re on a baking sale and you have the kind of cookies, sugar, and chocolate chip with you. Don't forget to top-stage your sugar cookies. So when parents ask you which one of them they should try, they lead them to sugar cookies even though you choose to try the chocolate chip.

Web Online On your website, this market is like gadgets that are a kind of color. You need a human site visitor to view and gain access to each of the colors, however, you will use canonical tags to inform crawlers, which is an additional applicable web page for the order.

Meta noindex

You additionally have the choice to mark pages as meta noindex.

The meta noindex tags inform the crawler that they can move the replica web page slowly, although they should not have their index in it. This replica content can help with content issues due to things like pagination.

Add content

But what if you have two pages that aren't duplicates of each other? They are approximately one-of-a-kind topics, and that they need to be handled as separate portions of content material. Well, in this case, you can choose to add more content to each of these pages so that it makes the crawler less confusing.

This will allow them to stand apart from each other and will be like sprinkling and adding cherries to one cupcake and perhaps frosting of a different color in the other.


After investing sweat equity in keyword research, content procedure, and promoting plans, you don't want to lose to competitors because of avoidable duplicate content issues. Observing and fixing issues like this should be part of ongoing SEO hygiene.


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