Google has fearlessly introduced its new messenger app Google “ALLO”. Okay, wait a second! kindly don’t get confused this app with the google “DUO” which was introduced by the google last month. In case if you are not aware what is DUO is then, it is a video calling app proposed by the google itself. Though this video calling app does not support any kind of messenger. One can easily download this app at google play store and IOS but sad news for window phone users, it seems that the Microsoft Lumia or any window phones would not support google “ALLO”. Disappointing right? indeed !

There are several another messenger like WhatsApp, Viber, google hangout, facebook messenger etc through which we communicate in our day to day life. Admit it guys, when we want to text someone we send them a normal text message on another hand if we want to keep in touch with the whole group or team then we chat on WhatsApp. Therefore all other sites are used to connect various people and masses around the world. We cannot deny the fact that it’s too annoying sometimes to use lots of apps to talk to several people at a single day, and surfing web is also one other thing we conduct while chatting. Hence it could be a little sloppy and messy managing different apps altogether. But Hold on guys !!! it seems google “ALLO” have something new for all of us. Let's see how different it works from existing messenger app and what all features google kept in mind while launching its own google “ALLO”


This is known to be the best part of Google “ALLO”, one can always use this as their personal assistant. One can have a small conversation with ''ALLO'' only what you have to do is type any queries your are facing and ''ALLO"" will get you the result within the chat window itself. Easy right? other features like links and images can be seen in the chat too so you don't need to change your site or app.



Google has integrated a special feature called photo recognition application. Its function is to recognise any picture which you receive and likely to recommend and suggest an automated response. Suppose if someone sends you and picture of an animal, then it will suggest you word such as ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’ depend on the usage or it reflects the words which you might have used earlier for that same kind of image.



Now you don't need to send those happy, sad and angry smileys or emojis, instead what you can do is, increase or decrease the size of the text. Want to know what you have to do? if you want to increase the size just slide up on the send button to adjust the size or length of your reply. Therefore it means that there is no requirement to note in caps when you are in temper.



Okay, we understand this feature is common in every messenger app except WhatsApp. The emojis and sticker are free in the messengers, it's fun to use those emojis at the middle of the conversations but then now you must be thinking what is new? here in allo one can do their own artwork within the image or they can simply doodle and then send across.   



There are times when you have a personal conversation with some which you don't want to reveal to others, isn't it? but unless and until you don't delete it, those personal chat will never disappear by its own. You can start a conversation that is totally encrypted and it will get destroyed after some time set by you.


There is this app which is somewhat similar to the photo recognition app in allo but here it doesn't really recognise the photo but it contribute suggestion or option to us for the time of texting. Due to its intelligence, it notes down the way the particular user text or replies at the time of texting after with it is likely to come up with a compatible and appropriate advice.

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