Google Penguin 2013: How to Develop Link Developing into Real SEO

Google has recently came up with new update of Penguin 2.0 with a large algorithmic update appealing to go “deeper” than the 2012 Penguin launch, which can damage a websites with number of influencing links on their profile.

This probability makes worry for many little companies who depend on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their livelihoods. But there is also a sense of misunderstandings as the range often changes and the concept from Search engines unclear.

Sorting out Panda, Penguin, and Manual Actions

Google’s Panda upgrade is a different launch than Penguin. Panda is designed toward duplicative, slim, or unique material on websites.

Google’s Recognized Professional Matt Cutts recently stated that Search engines are actually taking back on Panda because of too many incorrect advantages. These are good for information aggregators and other websites that recycling material properly and have been hit hard by the Panda filter.

Penguin is much harder to comprehend, concentrating on back-link styles, anchor-text, and tricky connecting techniques that provide little value to end users. To complicate matters, Search engines likes to take large manual actions just before significant criteria up-dates. This year we saw the removal of BuildMyRank from the catalog just before Penguin.

Earlier this year we saw significant manual action taken against advertorials. The other day Search engines declared the removal of thousands of web link selling websites and we are hearing of a manual junk charge against Dash this week’s time.

The vicinity of these manual actions with significant algorithmic up-dates is brilliant PR as it affiliates them together in our remembrances, conversations and controversy – but they are very different things.

Is SEO Enough?

As little company proprietors move through the here we go again feelings to actually decide what to do in reaction to Penguin 2013, organizing out the truth is critical. Search engines are clearly defeating the familiar drum with the same primary messages:

  • 1.Build a great web page.
  • 2.Make awesome material with great end-user value.
  • 3.Visitors will amazingly appear.

But the reality is that guests do not amazingly come, at least on any reasonable scale, without organized promotional actions. Many outstanding websites have passed away a slow death due to lack of promotion. And this is where the contradictions appear in SEO, which has confirmed higher than normal ROI compared to other promotion programs.

Long Live Online Marketing

While mentioned many times, web page entrepreneurs still battle with moving their connecting actions to real SEO strategy. They fail to see that SEO in 2013 is now important to online promotion and no longer a separate action.

Whereas SEO used to be about adjusting a web page for maximum consumption by robots, the present SEO is about earning identification, public propagate, and inbound links through outstanding material promotion. This means SEO is now continuous, incorporated, and ideal – whereas it used to be one-time, separated, and technical.

Real SEO

Real SEO is the prescription for those who worry Penguin 2013. Here are practical actions that need to be done every month to achieve actual SEO:

•  Continually Identify Viewers Demand: Your SEO won’t be successful if it isn’t useful. To serve a need, web page entrepreneurs must know what the listeners are seeking. Market and key phrase analysis, as always, is critical. While doing key phrase analysis do not over-emphasize go terms or money search phrases. Concentrating on long-tail search phrases provides more immediate results, improves the depth of a web page (remember Panda), and makes power that will eventually help the go phrase.

• Content marketing: In my opinion, material promotion is the new connecting. Generate identification, public propagate, and inbound links by giving away useful information for free. Excellent material has great audience value and points visitors to other resources via co citation. Video is a great way of material promotion that is still under-utilized by little companies. And news jacking is an growing way of material promotion that specifically objectives hot information subjects for popular propagate

• Work on brand: There is increasing proof that labeled refers to are an important authenticity indication to Search engines. Advertising the product has conventional promotion benefits and also now helps SEO. But be careful not to turn SEO material promotion into an approval, as this passes across the range. Find conventional promotion techniques, such as press announcements, to drive marketing while introducing news-worthy events.

• Syndicate: The “build it and they will come” viewpoint doesn’t perform on an Internet with more than 500 million active domains. This is why even outstanding material needs to be marketed. Marketing via email, public networking, group involvement in boards, and visitor blog publishing are efficient systems for getting the information out about interesting material. Discussions, PPC ads, and local event support will also get your name and material noticed. Any action that shows your concept, your product, and makes actual group conversation will eventually support SEO, and should be considered part of the SEO process.


The appearance of Penguin 2013 has many little company proprietors terrified and puzzled. But SEO remains one of the best online promotion programs.

Real SEO is the path ahead for those who wish to create a long-term investment in online promotion. Forward-looking web page entrepreneurs can prepare their websites for Penguin 2014, 2015, and beyond with well-researched, end-user focused material promotion that provides strong audience value.

Using modern submitting techniques, they can transmit their concept, gain audience mind-share and produce identification. By growing useful material, little company can develop their manufacturers and produce perfect inbound links.

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