Google launches a "Buy Now" button


Google has planned to launch its own “Buy Now” button to the Google Search Engine Results. This new button allows shoppers to directly buy products without visiting the product website. This does not mean that Google is intending to be a retailer-the product would be sold through the retailers third party websites only. But Google's plan apparently has another component to battle Amazon: the company is considering its own Amazon Prime-like plan with selected retailers that would offer free two-day shipping for an annual fee.

Google has is planning to introduce a "Buy Now" button to its search results, allowing shoppers to purchase products directly without having to visit a separate site.

When you click the Buy Now button, which would be placed probably next to the Shopping Search Results, it would be redirected to a purchase transaction page on the Google to enter the purchase details and payment processing. Merchants will be maintaining the security of their customer data including and handle further process of product delivery themselves.

The introduction of this new button would encourage people on the internet to spend more time on Google pages than on other websites.  But, the news of the launch of this button is just after Amazon introduced the Dash button for easy ordering of the products. And, even both Twitter and Facebook have started their Buy Now Button in recent time.

As the search engine giant is changing its algorithm in favour to the mobile friendly websites, it is clearly understood that Google believes that the mobile devices will be used mostly in future for all the Ecommerce solutions.

Wall Street Journal report on the “Buy New” button

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), it is still not confirmed that the plan is going ahead but there is some kind of logic behind this kind of move. Forrester Data says that around 39 % of the online shoppers started their searches on Amazon and around 11 % searched on Google. But, this move may get the online shoppers to search and buy directly through Google could help in getting some market from Amazon.

WSJ recently reported that Google may launch a new “buy now” button in the coming days. This “Buy New” button will be incorporated into the shopping search results. This report is somewhat similar to the report of WSJ of this year, which says that Google wants to enter the E-commerce industry and give a serious competition to the websites such as Amazon and eBay. This button would be placed near Google sponsored results and below the heading “Shop on Google”. This button will take them to the Google transaction page where the customers will complete their purchase transaction.

It is also reported that Google has started working on this with some retailers such as Macy’s for launching this button. This move may help Google to compete with the websites like Amazon and eBay, but whether users will take advantage of this feature is yet to be seen.

Read more about the updates of this new Button at Axat Technologies.

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