Digital Marketing Trend and Gone Traditional Marketing OLD Days


In today’s promoting environment, digital has all but changed ordinary advertising media. An enterprise stuck prior to now, have to do not forget a modernized advertising method. Digital advertising and marketing can support your enterprise reach new audiences the size of which average media will not going ever attain again. Let’s explore the differences between digital and conventional branding. In a while, deliver to gentle the factors why old media can also be more expensive to your enterprise.

Traditional marketing meaning and reach.

Print media, broadcast media, Podcast media like all are the form of traditional media leading decade previously. Broadcast media is expensive has wide reach but conversion can't track as per your investment through ads. ROI only calculated on basis of sales vs spend. It is not accurate estimate Roi received reason many loyal customers who know brand directly make the purchase without looking your advertisement they have brand trust. It is also one more way get calculate post advertisement period sales and pre advertisement period sales.

No doubt traditional marketing still working for few brand. It has sufficient reach and higher value of investment received via brand. It is reducing due to the rise of digital marketing share and allocates from total budget of advertising to digital marketing.

Detail of Digital Marketing

Punch line at beginning “Gone Traditional Marketing OLD Days” Phase of different marketing types every decade. Rapid speed Dramatic fall down in traditional marketing more than 160% in recent years. A trend and smartphone era advantage digital marketing field gets in recent years and Google of course.

A Digital marketing era has wide options of online media, podcast, visibility, Application etc. Conversion tracking every action of the user at the real time, interaction. Social media additional and added the place where user not only connect but easy share views related to your brand. The quick decision of purchase or order has been taken via past customers views and feedback. Social media ability to reach across the national market your brand without paying an additional cost.

Higher sales at optimal cost.

The first impact of digital marketing on traditional marketing is effectiveness down of traditional marketing. Day to day higher TRP time slot making ads costlier and less impactful. The digital audience has value nowadays. The scale of judge conversion of an audience with justification giving more trust business to be present at digital platform rather on the traditional media platform.

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