Digital Marketing Tactics for 2021

Are you doing Digital Marketing for your clients and your brand? Most of the people will have the answer as “yes” to this question. And, the cause is clear: the internet is everywhere; it is powerful, and it is here to remain. In January 2019, there were 4.388 billion of internet users, that amounts to a penetration level of 57%. This implies that brands can reach almost half the people in the world through the digital marketing. 

We have identified the best 7 digital marketing tactics that are expected to work in 2021. 

Here they are:

1. Influencer marketing

Influencers are people or other living or non-living entities that are trusted by a group of individuals normally called “followers.” Influencer marketing means collaborating with influencers to endorse your brand, services, or products. In return, you provide compensation in the form of free products, money, exclusive deals or any other benefits.

2. Mobile-first marketing

Mobile-first marketing is important for each progressive brand. Salesforce’s State of Marketing report declares that 68% of companies included it in their overall marketing plan. Since consumers are hooked to their mobiles, brands, and marketers must follow the cue and make mobile marketing a priority.

3. Marketing automation

Marketing automation means automating repetitive tasks so that the tools can perform the tasks rather than humans. It covers an immense array of marketing activities, from sending the triggered emails to your website visitors to using AI chatbots for solving customer queries. 

4. Multi-platform content strategy

If you are wishing to have visibility for your brand then you need to be active on all leading platforms that cater to your consumers. You must also have a presence on the channels from where your top competitors get most of their traffic. 

Though a multi-pronged content plan may seem overwhelming initially, it becomes easier as time goes by, when one channel feeds the other. You’ll have multiple touchpoints to communicate with customers and gather insights about them. 

5. Brand storytelling

Humans buy from humans. Your brand can’t afford to stay a faceless entity in this era of automation. Brand storytelling weaves together a brand, its values and products to create a narrative that tugs at their customers’ heartstrings. Ultimately, it creates a bond forged in trust between a brand and its customers and fosters loyalty and repeat sales.

6. Chatbot marketing

Chatbots are computer programs which are programmed to converse and react like humans. It can improve customer experiences and they have a vast, untapped marketing potential too. 

Facebook Messenger chatbots can be used to form drip campaigns and close deals effectively. Hence, 80% of brands plan to involve chatbots in their operations in 2021.

7. Voice/visual search

Your business should be equipped to handle voice and search queries which will make up a big chunk of all mobile queries in 2021. Foreseeing the trend, Google launched its Search by Photo option for visual search and Google Assistant for voice search. Every forward-thinking brand needs to embrace the trend.

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