A Complete Guide on SEO Competitors Analysis 2021

SEO competitor analysis works as a strong research strategy in helping you to rank higher, get more traffic, and earn more conversions. Here are some ways you can try to do a competitor analysis for SEO.

Its magic happens by uncovering SEO opportunities you'll not have seen otherwise.

How to steal your competitors' traffic

• Who are my actual SEO competitors?

• What keywords should I target?

• What topics should I cover?

• Where am I able to find links?

• What do I want to beat the competition?

There are some ways to try to do a competitive analysis for SEO, however, the essential principle works like this: analyze what is operating for your competition (keywords, content, links, etc.) and leverage this intelligence to enhance your SEO efforts.

Instead of guessing which keywords to focus on, content to make, or links to create, you'll instead see what's already working for others, and repose on that success.

There are some ways to try to do a competitor analysis for SEO. Consider this your starter guide. Here's what we'll cover:

1. Finding Your True SEO Competitors

2. Keyword Gap Analysis

3. Top Content Analysis

4. Link Gap Analysis

5. Google SERP Analysis

Finding your True SEO competitors

Before you'll do any SEO competitive analysis, you would like to understand who your search competitors are. Identifying your competitors is to easily enter your top keyword in Google, then see which domains are ranking.

For increased accuracy, you'll do that for 10–20 of your hottest keywords, track everything during a spreadsheet, and calculate which domains appear the foremost frequently and in what position. This is easy if you simply rank for a couple of keywords. 

What about many keywords, or thousands, or tens of thousands?

To make it easier, different SEO tool solutions are available you can easily check who is your "true" search competitors are.

What is competitive keyword analysis?

Competitive keyword analysis - generally referred to as keyword gap analysis – may be a method of characteristic valuable keywords that your competitors rank extremely for, that you do not. ... The keywords ought to be ones you may rank for or may rank for higher. Examination 2 or a lot of competitors usually provides you a richer analysis.

What is Content Analysis?

Keywords are a method to develop content ideas. Another is to seem at your competitors' top-performing content. In this case, we're curious about which content earned our competitors the most links. Since links are necessary for ranking — indeed, they're one of the most important ranking factors 

This is one of the oldest, most reliable methods of content creation in SEO. It works like this:

Discover your competitor's top content

Create your content that significantly improves upon it in one or more ways

Promote your content to an identical group of individuals

The key's to not simply recreate your competitor's content (that would have little chance of success) but significantly improve upon it. You'll add additional features, more data, stunning visuals — anything to form it more appealing or useful.

Curious about content creation?

The key to making significantly better content is to make content ten times better than anything out there. 

Another way to seek out your competitor's top pages is by traffic. If you've got access to accurate traffic estimates for every page, it's often an honest technique to use this data to seek out good topics.

If you notice that your competitors are gaining additional success with videos than with blogs. Study what makes their videos appealing to customers and brainstorm on however you'll be able to improve that. Use something you'll be able to create your output an improved version of your competitor’s offers while still being unique.

What is an SEO link gap analysis?

Link gap analysis is completed by checking which websites your competitors have links in, but you don’t. Like keyword gap analysis, you keep your eye on websites that direct relevant traffic to your site. If you are a clothing brand specializing in fashion and lifestyle blogs since the people coming from these websites are going to be more likely to patronize your business.

Links are important for ranking. It's difficult to rank without links. Conversely, good links are difficult to get. So we use intelligence and data to work out where we had found good links that are somewhat easier to get. But where are these places?

The answer: sites that have already linked to your competitors, but haven't linked to you.

In theory and practice, this works because the sites linking to your competitors have already demonstrated that they are curious about the subject. If you'll show them that your resource is significantly better than your competitors, you've got a better-than-average chance of earning a link also.

Google SERPs and User Intent

Typically, it isn't enough to know the proper keywords to focus on. If you would like to win traffic, you would like to know the searcher intent for your keyword.

This means getting inside the mind of the searcher to know what they're trying to find. This sounds not possible, but Google has done 99% of the work for you. Simply start by Googling the keyword you would like to focus on.

Note: For the only SEO competitive analysis, you do not need any special tools — your eyeballs and Google can get you started. 


A more in-depth SEO competitor analysis will offer you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Within the process, you'll gain insight into fundamental steps to require when running your company. You can use several tools in performing the analysis, but as a business owner, it might be appropriate to know the levers that drive the SEO strategy. Most significantly, competitive analysis is an integral part of your marketing success; therefore, you ought to invest your resources in performing it.

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