A Complete Guide on Google Web Stories 2021

People like to watch the stories. That is why the stories involved are so popular. Many platforms exist to create these unavoidable stories and now Google has its version, called Google Web Stories.

Google Web News: Explained

Google Web News is powered by AMP technology and managed by Google. It's an immersive, full-screen experience that you can host on your website.

The power to post them on your site is what makes them different from other news experiences, such as Instagram or Facebook news. Additionally, you can add links, call-to-action, and Google AdWords to your Google Web news.

Using individual news panels and videos, graphics, and other features, you can share product narratives that users can click on to hear the story you want to tell.

In addition to looking at your website, people can find Google Web news in Google search, Google Images, or through the Google Discover app, available on Apple and Android devices.

Owning content on your Google News gives you the perfect opportunity to take advantage of SEO opportunities and take full advantage of this in-depth discussion option.

Every product has a story to tell - and Google Web Stories helps you claim your own.

How to Create a Google Web Story

What stories should you tell? Think about the image of your product. Using media power can be an attractive way for people to take care of your product and what you have to say.

Draw your plan and decide how many panels you need. What views or videos need to be present on each panel? Don't forget your CTA or ads.
Google offers some of third-party suggestions for improving Google Web news.

The two tools that Google connects to from its Web Stories site are News Room AI and MakeStories.

AI newsroom

It gives creators WYSIWYG (what you see is what you find) design performance and agreement with Getty images that provide access to over 300 million images.


It has zero-code, drag, and drop to customize your stories including access to Google fonts and "one-click filters" to edit your photos.

Shopify Integration

ProductStories is an app that turns your Shopify pages into Web Stories.

WordPress integration

Google has partnered with WordPress to create a plugin that allows publishers to create web news directly on their WordPress site

Benefits of Using Google Web News

The benefits Google Web Stories can bring your organization might be better than other forms of communication.

1. It is a new way for users to find your site.

Because of the power of Google's powerful search engines, the possibility that Google web stories will appear on Google search pages or in Google images is a powerful reason to consider creating them. It is another angle to boost your SEO game.

2. Check Owner Credit of the content.

Content ID is a major difference between Google Web news and other forms of communication. You have created content through AMP or a third-party platform so it is up to you to do what you love with it.

You can embed it on your website or share it as you like. Think about how you want to use Google Web news and how users will find yours. This can help you to continue with your creative choices. The options are almost limitless and left in your hands.

3. External Linking.

Many social networking sites have similar content formats that prevent content creators from interacting with other websites.
This usually means you have to be creative in linking from a comment or bio.

With Google Web Stories, you don’t have any limitations for linking.

4. Supports Google Analytics tracking

Since Web news serves as web pages, it can be linked to statistical platforms including Google Analytics.

5. No Time Limit

Unlike other Google content such as Google My Business posts, there is no expiration date on web news.

They will not be automatically deleted after 7 days and will not be lost in the timeline as social media accounts.

You can add your Web Story as long you want.

6. Bring immersive experiences to your website.

Whether you're looking for a way to bring refinement to your blog, storytelling on your website, or as a full-fledged visual experience, Google Web news can add new dimensions to your website.

7. Indexed and easily connected

Web News is designed to be easily identified by search engines.

This means that submitting your content to the Google homepage will not require any additional work on your part other than the standard SEO required to secure any web page position.

There is also the possibility that it appears in the desired Web carousel when publishing content in India, Brazil, or the United States.

8. Live Stories

Using the “live story” attribute in your Web Story will alert the user in real-time to add a new page.

This can be very helpful if you are using a format to cover stories or developments.

9. Fun for your audience.

Americans spend an average of 5 hours a day on their cell phone. People like to scroll through their favorite topics.

To break through the sound and clutter of the internet, you need to find your niche and share good and powerful news, making sure your audience wants to continue watching your content.

10. Unique advertising opportunities.

We'll check this out in a moment, but you should know that Google Web Stories can be integrated with Google AdWords and other ad opportunities. With their strong SEO binding, this can be a great alternative to other products.

Google Web Stories Ad Opportunities

Historically, content creators made money by selling ad space. Google Web News can use the same concept as program ads.

You can create compelling, engaging stories that include ads designed to streamline your entire story. Depending on your story, you can add CTA boxes, links to landing pages, and links to product pages.

Most brands have stories to tell. Sharing your stories with Google Web Stories with your visitors helps you build your online reputation and build trust with your customers.

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