Changes in Core Search Ranking Algorithm: No Panda or Penguin


The latest update from Google states that there was a change in core ranking, which they change every year. But, it has nothing to with Panda or Penguin update.

Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Land’s news editor reported in his one of the SEO chats that there is a possibility of a Google update. Google has confirmed with Search Engine Land that there was a change in core search ranking algorithm and which has no relation with Panda or Penguin update. Google is continuing to make Search Results Ranking better, so Google wants us to expect more changes in core ranking factors in future.

Google spokesperson has stated in his conversation with Barry that these were just improvements to the Google Search Engine Algorithm as the web is constantly evolving.

No Penguin Update

According to the video hangouts of Barry Schwartz with John Mueller, when John Mueller of Google was asked by Barry about any update, he said that there are no specific changes but if there are any changes in the search results then it may be due to the changes that they make all the time. When he was asked about the Panda Update, he said that he has nothing specific to share about the Panda update now, but there may be something in coming couple of weeks.
In addition, even Gary Illyes of Google said on Twitter that he can't comment more on the update as every year they make hundreds of changes.

This statement from Google to Search Engine Land is something similar to the one they received for Google Quality Update. But, anyways there are some changes that SEO community have noticed in the search results during the changes in core algorithm from May 1st.

The interesting thing is that many tools such as Mozcast showed huge changes in their graph in terms of the changes in the search engine result pages. Dr. Pete Meyers thought that this may be due to the HTTPS algorithm, which is getting boost. But, Gary Illyes of Google in his reply on twitter to Dr. Pete Meyers, denied about any such update.

It is suspected that the reason why most of the SEO tools showed a huge change in their graph was somewhat related to the one having number one ranking website, wikipedia, who has undergone change in its HTTPS.

So, now we can very well understand from this that there is no Panda update, no Penguin update and not even HTTPS. It is a simple Google Core Search ranking Algorithm change on which Google won’t provide us any details.

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