Can the Newly Updated Facebook Features really Help out to redeem the decline in Organic Reach?


      Within the past yearsFacebook’s organic reach towards the publisher’s posts had a enormous decline. The newly introduced Trending Features from Facebook hope would Relive the most important memories of your life through newly updated Facebook Search to search for photos, posts, videos, and links by searching for remarkable words you remember in the posts posted.

Can the publishers really be helped out with this significantly trending features by Facebook to redeem the lost decline in organic searches ?

Let us have a Look towards these Trending features by Facebook.

Facebook had introduced already Graph Search which is still in beta so the privacy due to this were in trouble, but some very remarkable changes and improvements were made by Facebook this Week with the addition for mobile support ( an addition of iOs now ) and conceivably most important being announced previously and addition of post search that allows to find out the people and posts published by the publishers that matters most to you by finding out the content in the posts by searching for a keyword. So at last you can perform a Facebook search in an similar way to the search done in Google.

Thus eventually you can now be able to search for content related to posts outside of your network rather than the same plain old web results content which used to be displayed before.

This was something trending feature being lacked by Facebook since a long time., and which obviously opens up the lacking visibility options for the publishers and websites.. Thus with this Trending options by Facebook the New Facebook SEO , or Social SEO would have a kick start.

The publishers now after the updations can expect to reach people through this Facebook search feature. But as of before one thing is to be remembered that getting Page Likes towards your Facebook Business Page has never stopped down to be the first to target your potential reach. Because each person that likes your page is your potential search audience.

The Facebook new Trending to improve the Facebook search to redeem the decline in organic searches are the different sections for users to browse for -


1) The Articles section can give you with coverage of the subject from numerous news organizations.

2 The In the Story section shows the posts of the people who are part of the story or being tagged.

3) The Friends and Groups section shows what’s the discussion being going on in you network making the topic more relevant to the user being performing a Facebook search.

4) The Near the Scene section shows the posts from people who have mentioned their story updation being performed at the particular scene

5) The Live Feeds section shows you the on time streaming by your friends like status updations, likes , etc.

The News Feeds Section would be continuing as previous below this trending features for Facebook Search.

Facebook Suspects consistent, ranked by the post engagement and alternative factors to rank for Facebook Search.

From the Friends and Groups Section the publishers for the posts can now notify an increasing traffic towards their shared content. And the Articles section would be providing much on more probable source for traffic rather than live feeds.Then Here goes the trending announcements by Facebook that actually redeems the organic reach to the content posted by publishers. Which includes interest targeting, post end date, smart publishing, and enhancements to Insights.

The feature which was discovered in Facebook Advertising Interest Targeting“ can now be used by the Business Facebook Pages to target the Posts published to a particular subset of people being interested in you niche to help reaching accurately the right potential person.

For example, a publisher of a post can use Interest Targeting to post a story about a particular niche like cricket  that will only be shown to people that like the Cricket. ”

Thus understanding the Interest of a particular person is what that matters the most for targeting your posts published which is the right percentage. This Trending Feature is now being available to all the Pages which have enabled the Targeting and Privacy setting. As of now its for Desktop only.

The Post End Date feature enables Page admins to mention the day and time to prevent showing that particular post in the News Feed which helps prevent target audience from seeing out-of-date posts in News Feed but posts will be appearing on your Page.

The Smart Publishing feature analyzes and produces the stories which are much popular among the people. Thus if this feature is enabled then can your frequently shared links to your website can be appearing in the News Feeds of the potential audiences who liked your Facebook Business page. This Trending Features can be seen in new dashboard in Insights sections in settings to let you analyze analytics, analyze comments, and choose which you want to post to your Page.

This trending feature has been one of the elegant feature for post publishers although there has been an prompt decrease in the organic reach from page posts. By enabling this trending feature you would have an enormous facebook referral traffic to your website. This comes out to a point that more the no of links shared of your website more the help you get out towards the growth of your traffic.You can turn this feature ON by making Smart Publishing enable from Publisher Tools section within Page settings.

Thus we come out towards the conclusion that does the implementation of new Trending Features by Facebook would really Help out to redeem the decline in Organic Reach.

Implementation of these Trending features of Facebook have already been started by AXAT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Social SEO services  to drive enormous  traffic towards the website and taking out benefits of these features and have helped many businesses to kick start their Organic Reach on Facebook.

Thus if you at your Online Business Store needs to implement such new trends in features of Facebook, can contact us at our E-mail - we assure you we would take out all the benefits from these trends towards your business.

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