Benefits of Podcasting for Brands

What is a Podcast?

‘A podcast is an audio file that could be downloaded and heard on the go, with episodes talking about a subject or overarching theme.’

To put it simply, it's a non-public radio on your phone.

Why Should My Brand Care About a Podcast?

A number one purpose you must consider a podcast for your brand is it permits you to interact with a captive audience. People who listen to podcasts while driving or cooking will totally focus on what your podcast has to say. This audience is likewise primarily one that is averse to advertisements. Hence, you engage a market that different channels don’t let you capture.

Apart from this, a podcast has many different advantages for your brand:

Benefits of Podcasting for Brands

1. It builds you up as a thought leader

By inviting guests, inclusive of your top management, users get perception into the minds of industry leaders in your niche. Alternatively, you may select a fictionalized show about topics vital to your industry. No matter the format you pick, what matters is you are delivering the best content. It establishes you and your organization as trailblazers and thought leaders. It creates standing for you in the market. Next time a person wants audio insights about your industry, they'll absolutely think of your podcast.

2. It builds an engaged community 

As mentioned before, people being attentive to podcasts are greater engaged than the usual consumer. It’s as they listen to podcasts while doing activities like driving or cooking, which don’t allow them to focus on much else. Hence, whatever they listen to on your podcast, they'll engage with. Where video or written textual content cannot attain your audience, you step in with a podcast.

3. It helps reach a new audience

Suppose you work in the financial sector, and a person opens the podcast application on their phone and types in ‘finance.’ And they come across your podcast. You had never supposed to market to that person and never aimed to attain them. Yet, they're now engaging with your podcast as they desired to gain financial knowledge. In this manner, podcasts assist you to construct an entirely new community you never thought of reaching.

4. It helps your overall marketing goal

A podcast can be repurposed in methods you can't imagine.

- If you invite guests to your podcast, they could spread the news about the podcast on their pages.

- You can post clips from your podcast on your social media channels to generate curiosity.

- You may even transcribe the textual content from the podcasts for blog content or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) articles.

Every aspect of a podcast may be amplified to inform your brand story.

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