Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The two ways you can market your product and services on the search engines are SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Both are great programs that can be very profitable, but there are situations when pay-per-click advertising just makes sense.

Here are some times when pay-per-click is the right program to use.

  • Immediate results - You can begin pay-per-click advertising instantly. You can set up a campaign in Google AdWords in a short time and start obtaining results. SEO needs content optimization and often needs that you build additional links to your website. SEO typically takes months to come up with results.

  • Geo-targeting - PPC ads can be targeted to be displayed to prospects based on their geographic location. For businesses that operate within a particular geographic area, PPC provides a way to target ads based on a business’s geographic market. You can target Google ads to point out in certain towns, states or perhaps zip codes. SEO can be tough to target to specific geographic areas. It doesn’t make sense to show your ads across the nation if your business solely serves a limited, local market.

  • Initial Investment - PPC doesn't need a large investment to get started. SEO generally needs website copy modifications and may need that you acquire additional links to your website. For these reasons, pay-per-click typically needs less initial investment.

  • Marketing intelligence - PPC allows you to test a large variety of keywords to visualize which of them convert best. Then you'll be able to eliminate those keywords that do not work. On the other hand, development of an SEO campaign needs that you define the keywords before implementing the SEO campaign. Businesses planning an SEO campaign might want to run a PPC campaign first to see which keywords they need to focus on.

  • Time-sensitive - PPC advertising can be started and stopped on specific dates that make it the perfect way to promote special events in addition to seasonal and limited-time sales.

  • Competition - Pay-per-click campaigns allow you to compete with other websites despite size. If you’re attempting to develop an SEO campaign to compete with large sites or sites that are running SEO campaigns for a long time, it will usually take months to attain good results.

  • Top of page positioning - Google usually places three to four ads at the top of every results page. This implies that your ad is going to be seen without scrolling down the page.

  • No long-term commitment - Google AdWords needs no commitment timeframe. You can stop a campaign at any time, though we suggest that you just plan on running a campaign for 90-180 days to check if it’s profitable.

  • Protection against algorithm updates - You can’t be sure that an organic search result can stay in its current position. Over the years, major updates like Panda and penguin have caused serious disruptions to organic search engine results.

  • Target more and specific keywords - You can set your campaign to show ads for any number of keywords, and might keep your ads from showing for specific keywords. So you can advertise for “green widgets”, however not have your ads show for “free green widgets”.

If you're wondering if pay-per-click advertising may work for your business, then give us a call at (022) 4011 6762 or complete the contact form and we will assist you if pay per click services is a good solution for your business.

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