Social Media Growth Hacks For Startups With Less Money

As an entrepreneur, it's absolutely critical to make individuals know about your organization. What's more, the most ideal approach to get the message out about your business is by being active on social media and different mediums where they can convey specifically.

With the help of social media you can do promotions, share updates, gain new customers or leads and so much. But, if you have social media accounts of Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest without any followings then it's of no use. To increase your followers you have to grow your company blogs so people would get a reason to follow you. Otherwise no one is going to follow an empty account.You need to attract new fans with improved social media visibility. And, below are hacks to accomplish this

1. Start building “Strategy” before building social media profiles-

Before creating your Social Media profiles take a deep breath, think for few minutes and decide your strategy. Think about your product/service you are going to offer, define your audience, set your business goal and what kind of company image you want to be on social media. Be consistent with the culture of the organization while characterizing these.

Your business goal will give a right direction to your social media. That's why make sure that your social media profiles are created according to your business goal.

2. Decide the right social media channel for your audience-

It is very important to know about where exactly your audience is. Your communication will be effective only if it is happening at the right place. For that you need to find out about on what social media platform your audience is active. Search for your audience, social media platform they use, what they like and dislike on social media.

Doing this will not waste your time unnecessarily. You can put your efforts at right place for right people. It's not important to be present on each and every social media platform but to be on platform which will help you to achieve your business objective.

3. Social Media 4-1-1-

If you are start-up it is normal to not have many fans/followers on social media channels. If this is so then it is advisable to get influencers in your niche to notice you to improve your social media presence. To catch the eyes of influencers you can do social media 4-1-1.

This strategy works as follows-

1. In 4-1-1, 4 should be the content parts taken from your influencers related to your target audience and niche. That means among 6 content parts you are going to share in a day 4 parts will not be of your own. This will help to grab attention of audience/ ifluencer group.

2. One content part should be created by your own. Is should be informational, educational and original content.

3. One piece should be promotion related- like promotional ads, product notice, coupos etc.

4. Get Discounted Social Media Services-

If you are not able to handle your social media because of not having adeqaute time, skills or money just contact AXAT Technologies. We will provide you result driven Social Media Optimization Services at reasonable cost.




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