5 Signs You Require A New Content Writing Service For Your Business


If you’re a small or large business, SEO company or marketing agency, you may outsource your content creation to a content writing service.

A content writing service means not having to manage in-house writers and their additional expense, or manage the unpredictability of freelance writers. You can outsource your content to an organization that specializes in producing content and call it a day.

Naturally, we are a bit biased concerning this subject, but we also know that just because someone calls themselves a content writing service does not automatically guarantee you will have an eminent partnership on your hands.

Here are the 5 signs that you require a new content writing service for your business:


1. Low-Quality Content

This looks like a given, but how do you recognize if what you’re obtaining from your content provider is low quality or if it's great? Some elements of good content include:

- Proper sentence structure and use of the English language.

- Writing conversationally, in the second person.

- Having a clear goal with the content, and sticking out to it.

- Including enough white space to form it simple on the eyes.

- Shorter sentences, using easy words to communicate clearly and effectively.

If you discover that your content provider violates one or more of these, it might be time for a modification.


2. Over-Promise / Under-Deliver

One of the core ideas of successful copywriters and content writing services is to under-promise and over-deliver. Basically, don’t promise more than you'll be able to deliver.

If your content provider consistently delivers a bit more than they promised, you’ll perpetually be happy. On the flip side, big promises up front are nice and would possibly win some business, however, if they perpetually appear to under-deliver on those promises, find a new provider.


3. Can’t Get In Touch

Sometimes, you simply need to get in touch with somebody from your content writing company. Whether it is some new information you wish to be included in the website copy or a quick revision you want to be made before you send out an email to your list, the content provider should be accessible. If they are hard to find when you need them most, begin shopping around.


4. No System In Place

A dedicated system, which means a process that your content writing team follows from the start until the end of the project, is crucial if you wish a successful relationship over the long-term.

Having a system in place for initial contact, negotiations, signing contracts, deposits, delivery of the content, revisions and final payments creates organization and professionalism. If your content service appears to be all over the place and disorganized, seek a provider that follows a proven system.


5. Improper Pricing

The price is often going to be a factor to some extent. However, seeking out the absolute lowest prices you can find isn't the solution. Most of the time, content services that are priced well below the industry standard are there for a reason, and it’s not to make your life better.

On the opposite facet of the equation, an organization that charges fees well above the industry standard isn’t essentially that far better than everyone else. Keep in mind, anyone can produce the perception that they have a waiting list or that they have to be selective regarding who they take on as a client.

It is up to you to urge in there and find a content writing company that has all the elements that work best for your business.


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