5 Reasons Why Content Is King

everyone knows about the concept of content marketing and now a days content marketing is very important thing in Digital Marketing. Content is the ruler and it is progressively working its way to the front line of all advanced advertising methodologies, as it turns into a critical component that receives huge benefits.

In content marketing one size fits all is not applicable. Instead you should focus on creating unique, high quality, entertaining, useful, interesting for readers and related content. Your content may have different forms like text, image, video, info-graphics, surveys, webinars and podcasts, you just have to make sure that content is related to your subject.

Let’s see why content is a king

1. It’s great for SEO

High quality and unique content has a specific impact on search engine ranking and SEO. Remeber that using good SEO Services with poor content with affect badly on your webiste SEO. As you publish unique and new content regularly on your site, your site gets ranked high. make sure your content would be of 300-500 words with relevant internal links and keywords in it. consistency in publishing quality content improves your domain and page authority and gives you source for back links.

2. Encourages engagement

A good content encourages users to get engaged with it and site. This may lead to read all the content on specific page, users can get your message through it, they can comment,share or like you post and at the end they can buy your service or product. But if your content is not interesting, users will jump on next page all your content will be useless. So for better engagement better content is always a need.

3. Generates new leads and sales

New and quality content creates brand awareness and trust towards brand, this has power to generate new leads which eventually increases sales as you get more and more leads. An useful and good content is always engaging so it gives purchasers a chance to truly connect with the brand without an explicit deals message exasperating the commitment. Drowning consumers in product-oriented content can negatively affect their association with the brand, though great publication cultivates the relationship as they move from consumer to customer to brand advocate.

4. Adds value to your product/service

The content is generally recievable by users if it adds value in either way or its useful for user in their every lives. The esteem is impalpable and doesn't have a direct financial esteem, anyway it is priceless to the plan of action and the connection between the brand and customers.Content that increases the value to the customers by teaching them on the product/service by means of how-to blog post, instructional recordings and online courses is perfect for adding value.

5. Increases traffic

For instance, a site with only a landing page and contact page will get substantially higher skip rates, constrained site hits and next to no commitment, while a site with an on location blog pressed loaded with connecting with content leaves an impact on the client and urges them to associate with the website and visit different pages.


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