Signs That Your Website Needs A Makeover

Every website has totally different phases of design development that outline how well the audience receives it. If you look closely enough, there'll be many warning signs that your website is not any longer working as effectively as it should and therefore needs work. Choose professional Web Design Services for better development solutions.

Having an out-of-date website can quickly draw back doors, work toward improving things before it's too late. If you have been wondering lately whether or not your website needs improving.

Here are few signs you must refresh your website:

1. It’s hard to navigate:

People have notoriously short attention spans while they browse the Internet, before clicking away on a web page most stay only for few seconds.

Your audience needs to be able to realize what they need, and fast! You Should not make them dig around in endless drop-down tabs.

The following information on your website should be found in one click or less, like for About, Contact information, Call-to-action (CTA), price. It can lead to frustration and doubt on the visitor’s side if they can’t find one or more of the above on your website in one click or less.

2. Your business has outgrown or has changed:

If you have changed your business or has outgrown since your website was developed, then make sure your website is changed accordingly and with the help of web design and development services you can easily achieve it. It’s crucial to update your website if its not been updated for several years.

In terms of the overall customer experience, web-user expectations are growing all the time. Your website should reflect the standard of your business.


3. Your graphics are old:

It’s time to refresh your page’s image when you have got obviously old clip-art graphics, old photos, tons of crazy fonts, or weird stock photos.

Complement the information with visually appealing images that tell your story. Make sure your text font and color are easy-to-read, and should not make people struggle to read it. Hire professional Web Designer to improve the feel and look of your website.

4. A Drop in SERP Rankings:

Your website needs optimization work when there is a sudden drop in the search engine results page rankings. Your competition might have overtaken you for your site’s keywords or Google may have changed their algorithm.

So you need to find out what’s wrong in either case and make corrections, don't take the risk of slipping further and further down.


5. Technical Issues:

At the moment Technical Issues may be relatively minor, but ignoring any technical issues today could lead to bigger problems later. Even the smallest slowdown or issues in speed or performance are not tolerated by most of the web users.


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