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5 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be HTTPS Entitled


In case you're anything like me, there's been a period in your life when you've asked, "What the hell is https?" 

What's that additional "s" for? All things considered, for reasons unknown the "s" remains for "SSL," which remains for Secure Sockets Layer - the innovation that scrambles your.....

Cinch Techniques To Explore The Leading Keywords


While creating a website there are certain ideas that we come up with. Content, design functionality and basic digital marketing techniques are undoubtedly included in the website. But do you know how does this website reach the desired platform? In the case of you are not.....

Preeminent Traits That Every Digital Marketer Should Hold


Let’s take an example, when you see something new it definitely attracts you. It does right? and another hand when you keep on encounter the same thing again and again then that won’t be that pleasing to you. Similarly, if someone.....



Google has fearlessly introduced its new messenger app Google “ALLO”. Okay, wait a second! kindly don’t get confused this app with the google “DUO” which was introduced by the google last month. In case if you are not aware what is DUO is.....

Tips To Become Good Social Media Manager


Well, well, well not all has born with that oomph talent to handle the social media sites promoting the brand and convince the potential social buyer to test that product. Okay, let's face it! we think that work of a social.....

The essence of four spectra that AXAT Technologies arises with


A - Amiable {Our first word “A” stand for our companionship. We make sure that our client and our employees exchange a friendly relationship between them by eliminating any kind of hesitations.}

X - Xenodochial {Being the helping hand for our client, we benefit them with a cordiality.....

Prominent SEO tendency dictate in 2017


SEO is like Sensex up and down, follow up opponents update, a new amendment in rules & regulations, all about for win-win situation for your website compares to opponents.

The search engine is changing day by day for betterment & right information provided to the searcher. Along with all.....

PPC vs SEO - What Works Best For Growing Your Business


There's been an ongoing discussion on which marketing channel is best for driving traffic and value for your business - PPC or SEO.

The answer greatly varies and depends on the nature of your business. Before whatever else, let's first define Adwords and SEO before therefore you get.....

Necessary and Constructive Improvement of Penguin 4.0

Are you excited regarding the recent Penguin update? You ought to be! Presently the question emerges that why this algorithm is a boon to SEOs and webmasters.

Penguin 4.0 was announced on September 23, and I couldn't be more energized. I believe Penguin 4 will be a help.....

5 Objectives to Set Before Starting Any SEO Campaign

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is unquestionably a technique that relies on upon Planning. What you plan at the start of a campaign can set the tone &  Effectiveness for your whole execution. Set the wrong objectives, or go for the wrong targets, and you could end up.....

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