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Google Updates Search Quality Raters Guidelines

The Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines is a document that explains how Google raters should rate the quality of web pages and the relevancy of search results.

Google is anything but transparent. As a result, the inner workings of its algorithm have never been easy to interpret.

Knowing the ins and outs.....

How to Write a Perfect Facebook Post to Engage Your Audience in 2021

Have you ever felt such as you were not getting the proper interest in your Facebook posts? Every vendor wants extra attention. After all, it is the motive of social media marketing, isn't it?

The solution to Facebook's excellent engagement is easy: You need to expand your Facebook posts to.....

What is Google MUM and Why MUM is Important?


Google MUM stands for Multitask Unified Model, a new AI-based Google technology for understanding and answering complicated search requests.

The transformer architecture is used by Google MUM, as well as other sophisticated language models like as LaMDA, GPT-3, and BERT. Transformer architecture is a neural network model that converts.....

Website Modernization SEO Checklist: Relaunch Your Website Without Losing Rankings

Website Modernization is a factor of cost-cutting in every business. But, the necessity for moving on with the most recent technology is additionally needed. We recommend constantly updating the website from the marketing point of view.

Why choose Modernization?


How To Optimize Crawl Budget for SEO?

To find web page visibility in Google results, the crawl is important in indexation. Below is the list of seven actions that can help increase the SEO crawling budget.

What is a crawling budget?

Crawl Budget is the list of URLs at website that is crawl and indexed by search.....

Top Essential SEO Metrics You Must Track in 2021

“Measure it to enhance it” – These words ring faithful almost anything, and SEO is not any exception. Measuring your website’s overall performance is imperative to improving it. From tracking conversions, clicks, traffic, and far more, you'll get core insights into what can make your website more accessible and popular.

Website Navigation –How to Improve Website Navigation?

Website navigation is the process of using hypertext or hypermedia to navigate a network of useful resources on the internet. Web process of navigating a network of information source in the WWW (World Wide Web), which is organized as hyperlink text.

Websites nowadays became a classy collection of sites stitched.....

A Complete Guide on Google Web Stories 2021

People like to watch the stories. That is why the stories involved are so popular. Many platforms exist to create these unavoidable stories and now Google has its version, called Google Web Stories.

Google Web News: Explained

Google Web News is powered by AMP technology and managed by Google. It's.....

Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a vital component of online marketing. Each daily strategy or action for your website must be based on supporting your SEO objectives. 

Here are the four effective SEO techniques for driving traffic to your website -

Quality Posts is.....

Top 6 Best Search Engines in the World in 2021

Did you know other than Google there are other search engines? And that switching to a different search engine could be a better option for you?

Perhaps you'd rather use a tried-and-true search engine. Alternatively, choose more environmentally friendly and socially aware choices. Perhaps your main worry is privacy.


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